ZTE Axon Pro

ZTE Axon Pro

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  • AlpEr

Maddy, 31 Jul 2015ummm brother, "huawei" is the third largest smart... moreYes it is the 3rd. Go and do some research

  • Bobbiezito

JayTee, 06 Dec 2015I have a Galaxy S6 and my wife had an iPhone 5. She wanted ... moreWhere did you pay $350 for it

  • JayTee

I have a Galaxy S6 and my wife had an iPhone 5. She wanted the latest iPhone 6S Plus, but Apple overprices their devices as usual. So, I convinced her to give Android a try (she has never owned an Android handset).

We got the ZTE Axon Pro last week and it has been awesome so far! Totally spanks the iPhone 6S on all accounts except for maybe camera quality. This doesn't mean the camera in the Axon Pro is bad—it is still solid—but iPhones always have an exceptional camera that is tough to compete with for some reason.

The battery life is surprisingly good for how large and powerful this phone is. It easily lasts a full day with normal mixed usage. My Galaxy S6 battery life is a total joke in comparison. In fact, I've decided to sell my GS6 and get one of the Axon models instead. Axon Pro is the best-kept secret in Android (in 2015) because so many people either ignore ZTE or fall into marketing spells from the bigger names. This is a flagship device with top-notch specs, reliability, good battery life, and 2-years warranty (plus free accidental damage protection) for $350 (plus taxes). Mind you, we paid that amount for the 64GB version! No other phone comes close to the Axon Pro at that price or even for several hundred dollars more.

  • AnonD-470443

This is a great phone for my needs.
No carrier Bloatware only two apps that are from ZTE which can easily be disabled and are non intrusive (exercise apps), Android 5.1.1, 32 GB Rom, 4 GB Ram
It transitions smoothly and apps accessible immediately.
The camera takes great pictures and has depth as the camera is dual 13MP and 2MP with high 4K resolution and HDR capture capabilities.
only thing that I notice that can be an issue is temperature as it does heat up periodically with multiple apps open. I circumvent this by utilizing the built in task manager to close recently opened windows and cooler master set to advanced to kill running processes of certain apps. it cools down rather fast and there is no lag. Even when it heats up there is no lag. There was a report of the battery exploding but that is on a different phone and a true one off. This phone is a great value. On a side note I have not had to root the phone to customize as it fits my style out the box.

Actually the battery life is pretty good!!!..... I am averaging about 4.3 hours of screen time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2015My grandma used this phone to cook stakes and pancakes, she... moreDid she break open the phone and use the battery to start a fire or something? Not sure how you cook with a phone.

  • AnonD-307928

ZTE is trending in the right direction. They have come a long way from their flip phones. Got to give these a chance over Samsung Grand prime and LG G Stylo

  • vhh

3000mah for 5.5 screen is no good ...

  • Anonymous

is it dual sim?

  • Anonymous

no card slot..u called it best of the world ??

  • Anonymous

best phone in the world

  • stephane

Hi ;

About a band? without 800 or full set?

berst regards

  • amasiam

There is a Chinese version with 128G internal memory for about RMB 4,000 (around USD 600.00).

  • AnonD-435699

to bad no removable battery... otherwise i would bought this phone

  • Anonymous

no memory card slot no removable battery..fuuuck...will continue searching thanks

  • dbresson

You guys should put in a detail about the headphone hardware and drivers. I haven't tested this but the headphone jack is supposed to have a hi-fi system better than any other smartphone on the market now.

  • AnonD-384236

ron, 26 Jul 2015Acer's Zenfone 2 ?! You are totally wrong somewhere..Acer Zenfone 2 and Asus Liquid Jade. LOL

  • Sebring14

Great phone!!! I shattered my Nexus 6 display and replaced it with this. Far better phone. I no longer have to use the speaker so I can talk with others. No slouch in the browsing department. Easily switches to best signal whether it be wifi or cellular. Easy to handle. Display is razor sharp and clear. Google is replacing the Nexus 6 and that will be my back up device. Can't say enough good about the ZTE Axon Pro.

  • Anonymous

My grandma used this phone to cook stakes and pancakes, she luvs it!

This does have FM Radio! I just checked a video on YouTube, from user TechnoBuffalo.