ZTE is allowed to operate in the US this month only

ZTE and the Unites States have been going back and forth with the former’s ban on doing business in the United States. Although a deal was made between President Trump and ZTE, the US Congress disapproved this agreement that would bring ZTE back into the country.

The continuation of the ZTE and US saga stretches on. Today, Reuters reported that the US Department of Commerce has granted a temporary lift on the ZTE ban that would allow the company to make transactions within the US, necessary to maintain ZTE’s existing networks and equipment.

This doesn’t mean that ZTE is allowed to operate as normally during this time – it’s a provisional allowance. The company has until August 1, before the ban goes back into effect. By then, ZTE will either remain banned as originally sentenced (cease operations with US companies and/or within the US) or wait and see if Trump manages to sway congress into letting ZTE slide.