ZTE nubia Red Magic

ZTE nubia Red Magic

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  • Mafalda

Buying a Red Magic it's a scam. It's an expensive phone and they will never update Android. I've contacted the support team and they say that unfortunately there is no update available. Also, they don't refund, so you can buy a decent smartphone. Disgraceful!

Very good phone with 835 CPU, same as Pixel 2XL. LCD screen is bright and easy to read. The mono speaker is loud enough, but wish it had stereo. Headphone jack is a plus. Touchscreen is responsive and accurate. LED strip in the bck AND LED notification dot on front is great. Feels great in hand, look sgreat.

  • nubia user

this brand, especially phone really has a lot of troubles. the manufacturers or their customer service or technical support never do anything or even answer simple questions when you live any problem with these devices.
my red magic stopped working suddenly, without any certain reason. could not get any support. local repairing services refuse even to accept repairing these devices, the reason! no software support, no updates , no simple files..
i used 5 phones zte and nubia.. i lived problems with allll..
even i still wait for any help from anyone about this red magic.

  • Anonymous

Also available as: Nubia Red Devil.

  • Anonymous

Aron, 14 Jan 2019Im interested on buying one,is the 8.0 and multi touch fixed?No,.. not fixed yet, instead it is getting worse with usage.. spoke to the company for the latest update but it doesn't look like they are going to release any further updates for this phone...

  • Lexs

BEN, 10 Sep 2018dont buy it right now... android 8.1.0 got problem on multi... moreYes i got the same problem with multi touch

  • Anonymous

!! Don't buy this phone!!...No android updates after 8.1 and also multi touch issues for a phone thats meant for gaming is kinda waste of money...

  • leo

android 8.1 has a multi touching problem so dont buy this product since they wont give you any update, and it is useless if your trying to buy it for gaming

  • leo

ivandemadrid, 28 Nov 2018I agree.. Multi touch problems, cant play perfectly to shoo... moreI have replace this phone twice because of this problem

  • Suman

I'm facing charging issue from last 2 days but today automatically phone turn off when I'm try to connect charger cable to phone . I done big mistake for taking this mobile I'm so disappointed . Even customer service also not responding for problem

  • Anonymous

BEN, 10 Sep 2018dont buy it right now... android 8.1.0 got problem on multi... moreis that a software issue or a issue??

  • Shakina

It worth if u a gamer not selfie lovers .. I just got one today for the first time i was think apple is better buy after i get this one it the way more better than apple if play game... I got a very larged full screen i can c whole game it fit all on the screen..

  • Bosch

I received my RM3 the day after I ordered it!
I live in Belgium, phone was shipped from Poland, both EU countries so that probably explains that.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2019better to buy Black Shark 2. You are wrong!!! With the price range of gaming mobile, ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 is far more advanced than Black Shark 2 and Rog~ (Nubia = η‰›ι€Όε•Š = Describe as awesome) ~ lol mfao

  • Julius

Order is really late and customer service does not reply. Good luck all buyers if you have any problems with phone.

  • joseph

nain, 27 Feb 2019is this phone is worth to buy? no

  • Anonymous

better to buy Black Shark 2.

  • nain

is this phone is worth to buy?

  • Aron

Im interested on buying one,is the 8.0 and multi touch fixed?

  • ivandemadrid

Starsplash, 12 Sep 2018I've had no issues on Oreo 8.1 stock android on the Nubia r... moreI agree.. Multi touch problems, cant play perfectly to shooters games.
Also, am I the only who their thumbnail's videos look always bugged?

I would like to bought another phone If I knew this before..