ZTE nubia Red Magic 6

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6

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  • Shadow Conqueror

Hdeeb777, 14 Aug 2021Is it feels like premium phone?and battery backup? Camera? ... moreIt defo is a good phone. it competes with iPhone 13 or 12, altho for some reason it might be little bit weaker, BUT the price is more satisfying. i bought it and personally i am very pleased with it, and i had Galaxy S8 before

  • Wizzy

SilverSurfer, 03 Jul 2021I bought my RM6 2 weeks ago. So far, I enjoy the phone a lo... moreDoes it heat when gaming or charging?

  • Hashu

josh, 10 Aug 2021Hello can can any owner of the phone confirm if there is an... moreSadly, its only in game audio or mic. Can't choose both just like the blackshark 4

Is it feels like premium phone?and battery backup? Camera?
I so worry for its price can any one tell me please

Is this phone's display flat (absolutely flat in viewable area) or curved at the edges/corners? Thanks

  • josh

Hello can can any owner of the phone confirm if there is an option where you can screen record with internal sounds + mic? Wondering if this phone will be good for content creations. Xiaomi phones only have the option to screen record with internal audio or mic audio separately (I was planning to buy the black shark 4 but doubted if there was the option to screen record with both audio sources). I need a fast phone that can record internal + mic sounds at the same time. I know samsung, oppo and vivo can do this in their software, but the specs for the price are kinda pricey. To anyone that can confirm please do Thank youuu

  • Anonymous

Where can I listen to music if I wanted to?

Fastest phone on antutu

  • Anonymous

HolyEmenem, 15 Jul 2021Hi, I am also thinking of purchasing a gaming phone mainly ... moreThis n1 among all android in antutu benchmark
I think this is good choice… go for it
165 hz oled
3.1 ufs
Stereo speakers
66. Watt charger
Cooling system

  • HolyEmenem

Hi, I am also thinking of purchasing a gaming phone mainly for the battery, speed, and it's price. I have a few questions:
1. How is the performance of the battery and charging speed?
2. Is WIFI calling available and does it work for both calling and texting? (because I own a
Samsung m31 and it's WIFI calling and texting does not work even though it's there)
3. Is there another phone that can compete against this phone in terms of "battery, speed,
and price together? possibly another gaming phone?
4. I was thinking of buying the Samsung galaxy note 10 or s10 plus. Comparing this phone
to these 2 in terms of speed and battery which one is more worthy in performance and
price worthy
This is my first time thinking of buying a gaming phone so I wanna do a good research.
Thank you!!!

  • Tase

Z.L., 23 Jun 2021Hi can anyone share the experience of buying from red magic... moreI bought the RM5s straight from the RM global site, excellent experience. It took a couple weeks, but I did get it right add it was coming out. I even had an issue a few months ago, got ahold of them via email, after a few back and fourths they sent me a shipping label in an attachment, I sent the phone off to then, it was back in two weeks flat and fixed. I kid you not.

  • SilverSurfer

I bought my RM6 2 weeks ago. So far, I enjoy the phone a lot. It is a performance beast. This phone really will handle everything you throw at it. I bought it mainly because I love emulating older consoles on my phone, and it beats anything I've ever used at doing so. The phone stays at reasonably cool temperatures no matter what you are doing. The fan noise is jarring at first, but you eventually begin to not notice it as you would a laptop or PC fan. The drawbacks listed in the article exist, as well as a few I've found along the way. For example, I've found that when the screen is in 90hz mode the colours shift, it's slight, but noticeable especially if the phone is constantly auto switching. It is something that can be avoided however, if you're willing to tweak some settings. Some translations in the software are pretty bad, but I find them to be more entertaining than annoying. They are never to the point where they're incomprehensible, as long as you are using a bit of common sense to help with the translations. The RBG customization leaves a bit to be desired as well. On the brighter side of things, this phone is fast and I mean FAST. I am genuinely taken aback by the launch times of apps, load times of games, etc. I came from an iPhone XS before this phone and that always felt reasonably snappy but this? This blows it completely out of the water. The combined high refresh rate and high touch sample rate lead to a greater feeling of connection when interacting with the phone. It makes pages feel attached to your finger, and really brings the phone alive. I have yet to have a hiccup or random app crash with this phone, which is really impressive. Altogether, the RM6 is an amazing purchase, especially considering the price. It has its flaws, but it is also a chance to own a completely unique phone. It really is a conversation starter. If you are a serious mobile gamer, or someone who just wants to make a statement by being unique this phone is for you.

  • Z.L.

Hi can anyone share the experience of buying from red magic global site?

  • Blueheaven

Anyone using the global version of this phone? Any issues with the UI?

  • Soorma

Bestest, 26 Apr 2021Zte red magic 2 vs lenovo legion 2 vs xiaomi black shark 4 ... moreI own a RM6 its well very smart to handle heat becomes warm while heavy use but never heat

  • Soorma

islam, 02 Jun 2021same question , i will sell my iPhone 12 pro max and buy ga... moreBro, gaming phones are overpowered, sooo smooth and fast if you play pubg i can help you enabling 90 fps

  • Soorma

sam, 12 Jun 2021hi guys, am planning to buy a gud gaming phone, which one y... moreWell, both phones are perfect
Only the difference is internal fan that kick on Everytime when you run something that need performance or while charging ,that prevent phone from not getting too hot , well it becomes warm but never hot

  • Soorma

Well, i bought it a week ago before buying it i had many misconception in my mind but after using it i can tell you it is overpowered beast. My favorite phone of my life

  • sam

hi guys, am planning to buy a gud gaming phone, which one you sugust?? RED MAGIC 6 or ASUS ROG PHONE 5???

plz tell me the pros & cons of both...
especially on the sensor trigger.... plz

Samath N8 808 owner, 10 Apr 2021Does no one have anything to say about limited permanent me... moreYeah I know it sucks. Seems like they're doing it with all the newest phones..or at least gaming ones.