ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021Got this phone. It's really good. Desktop mode is k... moreCan you tell us if your desktop mode still works? My current firmware is 2.24 and whenever i enable force desktop mode then plug an external monitor via hdmi to usb c my rm6r force restarts on a loop.

Is this phone still worth in 2022?
I would like to hear your opinions on this.

  • Ari

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022Any heating issues?It depends, if you uninstall unwanted apps and disable Google, it runs fine (only hot if running Genshin on Max setting with 60fps)

  • Aidil

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022Any heating issues?Overheating not recommend for heavy gaming

  • zumbia

Painless Admiral, 19 Mar 2022Can we upgrade this phone to android 12?No, ZTE will just release a new version of this line of smartphones on android 12, and a year later another one, only on android 13, that is their policy.

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022Any heating issues?yeah, its reaching 43 degrees cent, I am only using FB.

overheating problem. Even with just on application running "FB"

Can we upgrade this phone to android 12?

  • kratos

Will this phone get an update? or it will fall into the oblivion of the forgotten phones? it seems the redmagic is focusing on the new phone forgetting they have older phones that is well capable but been outdated because of a halt of their software updates

  • Anonymous

Any heating issues?

This is really a good phone! Excellent graphics, sound, screen, camera, battery seems like it can last if used right note well!!. Memory is good, I feel like this phone is under rated somehow? It's got good specs compared to other brands. Otherwise no problems so far. What else? Value for moola?!

  • Atif Afridi

I totally agree with this phone but one thing that missing is large battery at least they must added 5500Mh battery sense it's 144hz display .....my Redmi note 9 pro battery was pretty good ......
Otherwise the red magic 6R is very good for gaming
I also used Red magic 5G and I'm moving forward next time to a better battery phone that provides me same features and with large battery

  • boom

Reaper, 19 Jan 2022Anyone experiencing issues with charging? Sometimes i have ... moredoes is says high voltage something?.. if thats the case just pull out the charger and put it back .. im using the neo charge on this phone.. i bouhht the 55w charger.. i frequently exp thhigh voltage prompt.. well it feels ok to me.. and remember the temperature also be considered.. if your phone gets hot while charging.. there a big possebility to stop the charge to cool the phone down and charge

  • Anonymous

DONT BUY ., 09 Nov 2021Live in CA in USA> the signal sucks. dont every buy Red ... moredo you usually have bad signal with other phones?

  • Reaper

Anyone experiencing issues with charging? Sometimes i have to restart the phone to charge it properly otherwise it will be stuck on the same battery percentage. It charge fast though. It doesnt happen all the time. I am not sure if its a bug. Any suggestions?

  • Boom

Does anyone knows when will be the next update of the global version of this good phone? its been 3 months since the last update, did they forget this phone existed? and just focus on the redmagic 6s pro?

  • Sunnd

Ride, 02 Sep 2021Can't be a gaming phone w/o a headphone jack Gaming is not all about having a headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

Sadie, 25 Jul 2021Guys, I honestly recommend this phone. I can play games (PU... moreI totally agree with you, last week I bought 6R this is incredibly good phone

El Fernas, 22 Jun 202176H battery endurance? Thats like, ridiculously low, consid... morewhat would you expect using 144hz on a small battery?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2021Is anyone know if the Red Magic 6R will get Android 12 upda... moreYes it will get android 12 and the next years Android 13