ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S Pro

ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S Pro

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hi, can we play in multi-screnn with 2 account of pokemon go ? (playstore apk and samsung apk) at the same time same xiaomi ? Thx

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    • Phoenx
    • BpU
    • 24 Mar 2023

    the phone is a BEAST when it comes to gaming, it has some of the best specs available and is one of the best phones for gaming out there, but the only lacking problem is the operating system, its run really poorly which is making it almost impossible to switch from any other phone to any phone of the redmagic series as it's only good when it comes to gaming and is highly inconvenient when it comes to daily usage for anything else, anything other than the operating system which is basically half the phone is among the best

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      • Anonymous
      • ajZ
      • 27 Feb 2023

      Anonymous, 05 Oct 2022I would buy one if price was 100 euros. Worth nothing more... moreYou don t have only chance to find a phone whit this description whit price at 100 $, at this price you can buy a Poco c50 or a Redmi 7

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        • dhonz
        • R5v
        • 19 Feb 2023

        david, 19 Sep 20221) no OTA for 90fps gaming on pubg mobile 2) no HDR playba... morewifi 6 or wifi 6e?

        you mean wifi 6e doesn't working?

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          • Alex
          • St{
          • 17 Jan 2023

          I have ordered the Redmagic 7s pro .. the packaging came with no safety and the phone was bumping up and down in the package as it had a 5 cm gab between ends.. after opening the package the phone had a smal dot scratch on the screen ... Not only that the phone seems to be faulty and 6 out of 10 calls i speak there is a robot scrunbeling like old tv having unstable image sound in the other end of the conversation ( or you can say it like signal loss or lagging ) that the other person cant understand nothing of what i say ..i dont want to mention front camera is worthless and the screen is 120Hz MAX not 165 as they advertise..the worst is i have informed the customer service and they send me how to try and fix this problem on my own by becoming a technician in other words and do their job 😅 trying to fix a brand new phone 1000$ thats ridiculous.. after i did step by step what they said and restart the phone i wasnt able to use it again as it stack on password screen thst i cant type because of it entered pocket mode and the sensor started to go crazy saying i need to remove my hand from the upper screen when i dont have nothing covering the phone.. so after many many hours and trying i wasnt able to logg in and had to wait for the to give me further instructions how to fix it ( technicians lessons ) .. after all this i asked for refund and to take their garbage back and they responded to me that they only can refund me if the package is not opened or damaged and the phone is not used 🤣 .. and i had to pay shipping and if all the above where okay then ship the phone to them ( where i have to pay shipping ) and if they find it faulty only then they will refund me . That will take arround 1-2 months to have the phone back to me 🤣.. but the funniest thing is how i would know the phone is faulty if i didnt unwrapped the package and use the phone? Ahhaha 🤣 .. so in other words this is Scam and Fraud for me .and their customer support dosent support you at all in the end ..instead making you more anxious and frustrated.. stay away from this company and customer service.. i have no choice now than to sue them and go this case to court.. i also go proof videos and photos unwrapping the package and everything..

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            • Koksan
            • 0mV
            • 12 Jan 2023

            Zaen, 26 Dec 2022Which one should i buy? BlackShark 5 pro or RedMagic 7s Pro... moreMy BS5 does not overheat.... never did

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              • Bob the Builder
              • 7Cm
              • 07 Jan 2023

              Zaen, 26 Dec 2022Which one should i buy? BlackShark 5 pro or RedMagic 7s Pro... moreHey uuuh, go for the Red magic 8, its going to come out soon and it uses the newest snapdragon 8 gen 2, which is proven to manage temperature much better, as well as manages battery much better. But if you really want the red magic 7s pro or the black shark, red magic will do much better. Black shark has a smaller battery, no fan, 120 watt charging is overkill, as it essentially kills the battery life (used to have one, after 1 year of 120W charging, its battery capacity dropped from 100% to 70%) Meanwhile, my red magic 6S pro, after about a year of use, still has 95% battery capacity, and much better preformance.

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                • Zaen
                • tA$
                • 26 Dec 2022

                Which one should i buy? BlackShark 5 pro or RedMagic 7s Pro? Since BS5 has 120w but overheat but RM7 has fan but 65w chargers..

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                  • dhonz
                  • uSV
                  • 13 Dec 2022

                  i have red magic 7s pro.. any recommended wifi 6?

                  asus rog rapture ax6000 or asus tuf gaming ax5400?

                    Lord John, 09 Nov 2022Which is better This one or Red Magic 7S Pro Purely for ... morePedo Archive, FGO, Nikke, and others you've mentioned don't require a high spec CPU like this one has. I suggest getting an Red Magic 6, 6S or 6S Pro instead. Only get this phone if you're going to play Genshin Impact, otherwise NO.

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                      • Sin
                      • N5a
                      • 11 Nov 2022

                      Lord John, 09 Nov 2022Which is better This one or Red Magic 7S Pro Purely for ... moreThis one is the Red Magic 7S Pro

                      Getting the maximum spec version will make it so you can multi task better and have more browser taps open at a time faster in system UI & OS and browser

                      Having the 18gb of ram will mean you can go back too what you was least doing without the page having too reload from the start again

                      I think the Lenovo Lenovo y90 will have the most responsiveness as it's got a SSD in it
                      the maximum spec version has 512gb ufs storage in raid 0 with 128gb SSD

                      I think the benefits of this will be massive as faster storage SSD boot drive makes such a big difference too desktops too see this come too a smartphone will blow your mind how good it will run

                      The Lenovo legion pro 2 also be a very good smartphones

                      Either the Nubia red magic Red Magic 7S Pro or Nubia 7s pro as well as the Red Magic 7 & Red Magic 7 pro
                      be great for watching YouTube videos and stuff
                      The Nubia phones also can display a screen on a monitor

                      Make sure too buy the global version with google app store and google services
                      do not buy china version

                      The Nubia phones software

                      red magic UI has a lot of good features and tools it is close too stock android but with a gamer look too it and gaming mode and built in gaming mode switch
                      a few things that are less likable like lack of apps draw & needing go into settings change back too button navigation too make the smartphone more user friendly

                      It has some Chinese market apps & Nubia own phone apps some might be useful
                      the Nubia phones don't have third party bloatware that is good

                      There will be some translations from Chinese to bad English
                      it is still understandable
                      Some less refined stuff in red magic ul layout and stuff but it should be fine

                      The lenovo legion phones software

                      i know less about but still know some stuff about them
                      they run ZUI 13 or Legion OS
                      they try not too bother the user with notifications and let you focus on what ever you are doing
                      ul layout is designed too be used with the smartphone held side ways
                      even the phone boots up sideways

                      They may have some Lenovo apps & Chinese market apps

                      Both Nubia & Lenovo have stable OS that is very good responsiveness in the OS UI & the browser and usable in day to day usage they won't get slowed down by system updates either
                      Most likely they get 1 or 0 new android versions and won't make riskly changes too the software so they stay the same and fast forever most likely

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                        • Tcid
                        • 8mP
                        • 10 Nov 2022

                        Why there is no video reviews for redmagic 7s pro

                          Which is better This one or Red Magic 7S Pro

                          Purely for media content consumption like yt and such, i play games but not really heavy games like FGO, Nikke , Blue archive and such

                          I liked this phone due to higher brightness and display

                          in terms of software which is better ? And is this phone better than the 7s pro ? or no ?

                          or is there a better phone than these 2 ?

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                            • Sin
                            • pYQ
                            • 04 Nov 2022

                            Lanz, 31 Oct 2022is this 165Hz or 120Hz only?The screen is only 120hz on this smartphone sadly

                            The reason you don't get 165hz on the pro modal is because of under screen camera the story goes

                            The Nubia red magic 7s has 165hz with bezels at top and bottom of smartphone with camera far away from getting in the way of the screen

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                              • Anonymous
                              • U{0
                              • 02 Nov 2022

                              Why is it not available in ..... india it would be a great competitor for ROG phone

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                                • Lanz
                                • y6V
                                • 31 Oct 2022

                                is this 165Hz or 120Hz only?

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                                  • AlexSpeedStar
                                  • X5u
                                  • 18 Oct 2022

                                  [deleted post]Exactly that what is so sad about some of these premium phones 😭.

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                                    • Dana jamal
                                    • 3W%
                                    • 07 Oct 2022

                                    Anonymous, 05 Oct 2022I would buy one if price was 100 euros. Worth nothing more... moreYou are disgusting this is only the one that broke 3d mark record above rog phone 6 and iphone 14 pro max

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mZw
                                      • 05 Oct 2022

                                      I would buy one if price was 100 euros.
                                      Worth nothing more than that amount.

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                                        • AnonD-999011
                                        • IVK
                                        • 02 Oct 2022

                                        The best gaming performance ever again!