ZTE nubia Red Magic 9 Pro

ZTE nubia Red Magic 9 Pro

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  • Nadeem
  • pRA
  • 15 Jan 2024

Necrowaker, 14 Jan 2024Bootloader on 9 series is locked, and NON unlockable. so it... moreGood. I need

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    • qFk
    • 15 Jan 2024

    Please make a model with a MicroSD card slot

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      • Necrowaker
      • 6Bt
      • 14 Jan 2024

      Anonymous, 05 Jan 2024Are you sure that "chip compatibility" is needed?... moreBootloader on 9 series is locked, and NON unlockable. so it cannot be unlocked, means, no unsigned images, no root, no GSIs, no GKIs.

      you get what ZTE give you. and ZTE gets everything you put on your phone.

        How do you clean the fan? it looks hard to disassemble the phone just to get to the fan

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          • Redmagic owner
          • 84a
          • 12 Jan 2024

          KingKurlyNP, 10 Jan 2024Ordered it on the day of release and got delivered on 8th J... moreWhere did you register your device? Trying to find the page

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            • KingKurlyNP
            • q}I
            • 10 Jan 2024

            Ordered it on the day of release and got delivered on 8th Jan. This is the first phone I bought for myself after 2017 and what a beast. I love boxy phones in terms of aesthetics. Having registered with Red Magic, they even gave me a loyalty discount code for 40 USD. Charged it once, and after 12 hrs of night shift on Monday, with more than 6 hrs of SOT, I still had close to 50% battery left with 120Hz on. Mind you I don't game much though. Gave my charger to a colleague to charge his Galaxy S21 and in less than 30 minutes, his phone went from 4% to 75%. He was blown away and so was I. Another close colleague of mine bought an iPhone 15 Max Pro 256g for over 2000 CAD and he has no clue about any tech-related stuff. Told him, I bought a phone for 1150 CAD, and you bought an iPhone, not a phone.

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              • Anonymous
              • NQN
              • 09 Jan 2024

              Ordered it and finally be getting it around the 12th this month. Huge upgrade from my iphone 6s+ and Samsung a10s that I recently broke. Really digging this phone so much as I value performance more than anything else. Personally like the under display camera, No IP rating not a problem since I'll be in the basement most of the time hiding in the dark lol

                Ravenowl, 05 Jan 2024That's a lot of text to admit you have not actual real... moreMeanwhile your lack of text proves you didn't bother to read half of what I wrote other than the pixel arrangement. My arguments are in fact based off real life experiences with using 1080p and QHD smartphones—and mind you I own quite a lot of smartphones as a hobby—coupled with educational tidbits, but please continue attacking the strawman.

                Anyone can easily argue using real-life experience ("oh yeah I compared the S23 with the S23 Ultra in store, the Ultra definitely appears sharper!!"), but not anyone knows how to argue using technical and intellectual facts.

                My main annoyance comes from the fact that you ignorantly chose to compare 1080p with 4K when no such brand other than Sony uses 4K on their phones.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0VL
                  • 05 Jan 2024

                  ezd, 20 Dec 2023Does this have unlockable bootloader? RM8 Pro - standard... moreAre you sure that "chip compatibility" is needed? Doubt there are many changes between 8550 and 8650 in bootloader. As long as it will be signed with correct key (which it probably is, key is most likely vendor-specific) it might work well enough to unlock and flash patched init_boot for root (or recovery for fastbootd if it was disabled as well).

                    NeonHD, 18 Dec 2023While I overall disagree, your argument could have 𝙖𝙩 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙩... moreThat's a lot of text to admit you have not actual real life experience, knowledge and/or use only unrealistic scenarios in which one would never use a phone or any display really. You ain't using it with a magnifier.
                    About the only good point you had there was the pixel arrangement. That one I agree with. That will definitely skew how sharply perceived a resolution can be at the same screen size and distance.

                      Maina, 25 Dec 2023Is this China only price? It is not even reliesed in the US yet. It comes out on January 3rd. If you buy the 30 dollar voucher for 1 dollar from them, they let you buy it one day early on the January 2nd.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6kd
                        • 27 Dec 2023

                        This new battery endurance rating is half good and half BS. i personally would want to know how long the battery could last on idle as well.

                          Maina, 25 Dec 2023Is this China only price? It is not even reliesed in the US yet. It's the Global Version from their Flagship RedMagic Store in Lazada.

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                            • Maina
                            • Bm8
                            • 25 Dec 2023

                            DroidBoye, 25 Dec 2023This phone is really cheap. I can buy 1 12/256GB for only 6... moreIs this China only price? It is not even reliesed in the US yet.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 04R
                              • 25 Dec 2023

                              The beast of gamer

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                                • oneday
                                • KIY
                                • 25 Dec 2023

                                oneday I'm gonna buy this

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                                  • Rafi
                                  • xhp
                                  • 25 Dec 2023

                                  If anyone wants to buy a cellphone for the end of the year I will be very happy because my cellphone only has 2gb RAM, in fact I have been using it for 4 years. What I see, the cellphone that I have dreamed of until now is the Nubia which has better performance than the others.😔

                                    This phone is really cheap. I can buy 1 12/256GB for only 683USD right now. I'll wait until January for 1.1 and Feb for 2.2 sales, maybe the price will go down with platform vouchers.

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                                      • Anonymouse
                                      • GIb
                                      • 24 Dec 2023

                                      rokiroki, 23 Dec 2023The only purpose of micro SD card nowadays is to be used in... moreMicroSD cards have capacities up to 1TB in storage size and have write speeds of 140MB/s. You only need 40MB/s for 4K video and 60MB/s for 8K video recording. The Gigastone 1TB MicroSD card has a read speed of 160MB/s and write of 140MB/s and costs less than $140.

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                                        • Rly
                                        • MxZ
                                        • 23 Dec 2023

                                        Anonymous, 18 Dec 2023Just buy a tablet and be done with it. Here, let me help y... moreBuy yourself a dog helping you see, you rly are blind if you compare a 7,2 inch phone with a tablet.

                                        And why do you care if some like bigger display then you? Its a gaming phone for god sake.
                                        And its a multi media cebter and a worktool. Not everyone have a phone for doing ridiculous sekfies.