ZTE nubia wants to slap a smartphone on your wrist

Ro, 31 August 2018

ZTE's sub-brand nubia has showcased a smart bracelet with a curved screen that's so big, you can easily say that it's a smartphone on your wrist. The device is called nubia-α and according to the teaser video, it can do pretty much everything a normal handset could.

Remember when Lenovo introduced a flexible wrist phone some time ago? It seems like ZTE beat it to the punch and we are not talking about a concept here - the Chinese firm plans to release a ready product as early as next quarter.

The video shows a flexible OLED screen, cellular connectivity, apps (probably Android) and a camera sensor that can shoot stills. Or maybe, it can serve as a camera for video calls.

In any case, the company promises to launch a complete product soon and we hope to learn more about it like specs and pricing.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 11 Feb 2019
  • FXM

I don't think it will be success. Can't do navigation (difficult), web browser, texting etc.. wearable will be very limited

Well, in my opinion, wearables can replace smartphones. And I think they are the next thing that comes after smartphones. And when you have a wearable, you won't have to come looking for your smartphone if it gets lost.

This is the real future device!

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