ZTE nubia Z20

ZTE nubia Z20

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  • Ammar212

Amazing Specs.. very fast can be for gamer.

but second display is on the back, what is the benefit ?

if you cannot see both screen in same time, you can use only one at time !!!

any way, I read a lot about lack of support and update by nubia

  • Anonymous

30 watts charger oh yeah boi

  • Efriz

DjAlonDevil, 31 Jul 2019720p@1920fps?! If that's true, that's insane.maybee typo 120fps

  • Anonymous

No jack 3.5mm for normal headphones and no aptx hd for bluetooth headphones. Ufff 👎🏻

  • Azal


720p@1920fps?! If that's true, that's insane.