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ZTE nubia Z60 Ultra

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  • 24 Mar 2024

global version | 16gb / 512gb - silver (£670 from nubia official store on aliexpress)

i like the phone itself but currently a lot of the software lets it down:

1. there is no gallery app, even with a third party client installed (xiaomi gallery) there is a limitation in features such as no "set image as" from gallery and no link between the camera - for example i cannot tap the recent photo icon in the camera app so i can preview or delete recent captures in gallery, instead i need to manually open xiaomi gallery and constantly switch between the two, it's a major hassle..

2. lack of common battery settings such as;
¬ limit battery charging capacity to extend life of the battery
¬ learn from charging habits so it delays 100% charge until you need it (i,e when you wake up)

3. gaussian blur makes the top pull down menu dark grey/black despite light mode being enabled, disabling it to instead have an accented colour from material you results in a lot of other menus being harder to read from a lack of background blur (app folders for example).

4. uk charger is just a nubia european charger with a flimsy uk converter - nubia don't sell accessories so i cannot buy a dedicated unit unless it is third party which is specifically not recommended by nubia.

5. it's very bulky even when excluding the camera bumps so if you have small hands like me and usually rest your pinky on the charging port.. your fingers are pretty much guaranteed to have aches / numbness / pins and needles.

6. the front camera is not good at only 12mp, it's only usable in good lighting conditions - i wonder if the 16mp on the chinese version fairs any better?

7. the rear cameras did not impress me much, they were quite grainy and tended to look like an oil/watercolour painting at times - i also noticed the camera app was buggy and lagged a lot, especially when using zoom. Common features are also disabled by default (AF for example) and there is a nubia watermark put on every photo by default unless you disable it.

8. there is a permanent floating bar on screen for quick access to default apps, nice for some - extremely annoying for me, please let me remove it.

9. battery goes both ways, if you put settings to power saving and use it sparingly then it will last a lot longer than a day or two but if you use it moderately (spotify, socials, youtube etc.) you'll pretty much be locked in to night time charging as usual.

10. it gets warm easily - something i wasn't expecting and is moderately uncomfortable when in my palm for an extended period, you'll most often notice when it has some processing to do - updates/upgrades or browsing video for example.

11. no headphone jack, it's usb c only so if you opt for wired (as wired is best) you'll need usb c devices or a usb c to 3.5mm cable / adaptor (i picked up both the 3.5mm cable and adaptor and it's nice to use earphones/headphones again on my newer phone).

12. AoD is not as bright as other phones - likely intentional to be easier on the eyes but i find it hard to read at times.

13. Automatic brightness sometimes plays up so i had to turn it off a few times due to not being able to see anything on screen.

13. fingerprint sensor is hit or miss - sometimes it scans, other times it doesn't - it's still optical though so a lot faster when it does eventually work.

14. bloatware - there are more than a few google apps and default functions i cannot uninstall (you can disable some but there are still a few apps that simply do not have any option at all)

16. software is still buggy, i found an amusing bug where if you tap between ringtone/alarm options fast enough, it will stop playing these sounds entirely until you close and reopen.

majority of my complaints are software related so sometime down the line, all of that could hopefully be resolved and provide a much better experience but for now all i would say is that the phone is nothing if quirky..

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    • 23 Mar 2024

    sweet.jammy, 17 Mar 2024I am following GSMarena since many years, and it is first t... moreSamsungs ,esp A series, are taking up too much airtime. But the top 10s on the frontpage shows it's probably this brand that rakes in the views for their site. Smh.

      Shayan afridi, 08 Mar 2024Whats the price and for how long the batery goes onIf you use the phone heavily it will last you a full day ...
      I got the 12GRAM and 256G storage with around 760$ including tax and shipping

        Drey, 04 Mar 2024Are there Network connection problem?Only recently ive encounter some issues with network..
        All of a sudden the network will be disabled then enabled after a second.. its like turning on airplane mode then off again . It happens 4 times within two or three minutes then goes back to normal .
        Other than that network is fine, i like in saudia arabia and its not the strongest when i travel or go camping in the desert but in the city its perfectly fine

          Anyone got their update already? My phone got the MyOS14.0.10MR3 update yesterday. It was just generic bug fixes, optimizations, and battery life improvements based on the update log.

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            • dZ8
            • 20 Mar 2024

            Anonymous, 20 Mar 2024Can you change the default photo app from Google photos to ... morefrom camera app,no but gallery app itself, you can use the one from miui or fossy, etc

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              • tui
              • 20 Mar 2024

              Anonymous, 17 Mar 2024I bought this phone, a month later it got stolen. Had a loo... moreCan you change the default photo app from Google photos to an apk from different OS

                I am following GSMarena since many years, and it is first time that I am so much disappointed with GSMarena, you got this phone for review about 2 months back, but haven't posted review of this phone, whereas you have posted review of every other junk that got released in past 2 months..... @gsmarena, do you guys even check comment section, people are asking for review of this phone since January, but we are still waiting for review of this phone......

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                  • 17 Mar 2024

                  I bought this phone, a month later it got stolen. Had a look at all the options for a new one and decided to get another one lol, there really isn't anything better below £1000

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                    • 15 Mar 2024

                    finch, 12 Mar 2024It's frustrating that here we see reviewed all possibl... moreYeah. There's loads of influensoors reviewing them on social media and they also manage to get their audience excited for the next Galacy A series lmao.
                    Never mind waiting a few months for used models will get them better deals. Or just simply buying 2 generations older lol.

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                      • 14 Mar 2024

                      Instead of waiting for review, I went and purchased the phone. You know the facts, and if minor disadvantages do not bother you...you ll be more than happy with the phone. (I got rid of my S22 Ultra for this, as never used front facing camera in my life, yes will miss the s pen but I have more appealing screen now, better battery life more storage and more versatile camera in my opinion (can be debated but just saying my thoughts).
                      Phone itself is not sold in Australia where I am located by official ZTE site but somehow through 3rd party managed to get it, google account / pay and everything else related to android works fine.. just minor complaint would be that I find the speaker a bit quiet when it comes to the phone calls. Can be a bit difficult to hear if having a phone call in a loud place.
                      Other than that, if able to.. just buy the phone and enjoy as bang for the buck is no brainer

                        Hands on mid Jan and still no Full review 2 months later - really like the content here but that‘s not good enough :(

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                          • 13 Mar 2024

                          REVIEW THIS PHONE! You've done an Oppo X7 Ultra review and you can't even buy that outside of China - whereas this phone that you can buy worldwide? Nothing.

                          FINISH. THE. REVIEW.

                            finch, 12 Mar 2024It's frustrating that here we see reviewed all possibl... moreFacts. Actual frequent GSMArena readers probably buy from Samsung and Apple far less than other people. Phones like these are what deserve reviews. It's insane how long they've taken to review this dang phone.

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                              • 12 Mar 2024

                              It's frustrating that here we see reviewed all possible junk, but not a phone that stands out from the background noise once in a while. I am wondering if people buying Samsung A series really need a review here, or do they look for a review, and if they really read it, do they understand anything from it? I don't think this phone will be reviewed, it was just a bait to make daily traffic.

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                                • 12 Mar 2024

                                Anonymous, 12 Mar 2024I always hear everyone say Vivos FuntouchOS is bad or somet... moreYes

                                  Anonymous, 12 Mar 2024I always hear everyone say Vivos FuntouchOS is bad or somet... moreWell it's not the best, but it's definitely better than ZTE's software, since on ZTE phones you barely get any support and updates

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                                    • 12 Mar 2024

                                    de84son, 09 Mar 2024This or the Iqoo 12? During sale, they seem to be priced al... moreDepends on what you care more about. iQoo 12 has better software and front camera whilst this has a better viewing experience and better back cameras. Everything else is pretty much the same.

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                                      • 12 Mar 2024

                                      David 040882, 11 Mar 2024Would probably say the iQOO 12, since it's a somewhat ... moreI always hear everyone say Vivos FuntouchOS is bad or something like that.. Is that true?

                                        de84son, 09 Mar 2024This or the Iqoo 12? During sale, they seem to be priced al... moreWould probably say the iQOO 12, since it's a somewhat better rounded package overall. Either way, both have their advantages over each other