ZTE nubia Z9

ZTE nubia Z9

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  • AnonD-396200

treyon, 22 May 2015yes but i would say it felt sturdy ...i like heavy in that senseKnow anyone who bought this? Its almost a week yet I cant find any review of this phone in English...not hands-on, full review! :/ Its stock ended in 10 minutes! thats good to hear! :D

  • Shyam

What a Joke? Such a rich-featured phone and no FM?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 May 2015Only 5.2 inches? No way or plans to spent money in such a small ... moreThats not small screen dude how big hands do you have ?

  • tr

Dual sim dual active?

  • Anonymous

This how IPHONE 6 should be designed

  • treyon

AnonD-396200, 16 May 2015you were at the launch?? :D how did the device feel on hand? do... moreyes but i would say it felt sturdy ...i like heavy in that sense

  • Anonymous

Only 5.2 inches? No way or plans to spent money in such a small screen

  • AnonD-398275

I'm not crazy!!
100% china
HTC and LG is better

  • bubbles

[deleted post]as it saids in this page "Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct"

  • me

is it border less disply

  • akki

its cdma+gsm or gsm+gsm ...?

  • Zeor Hour

The Flagship Z9 has IR blaster.confirmed from Nubia.cn - http://www.nubia.cn/nubiaz9?type=4

  • @neel

battery would be not run more then 10 hours regular ally

  • Jade

This phone should have a 2560x1440 resolution,a more better display like amoled or p-oled.And it should have fast charging technology.Other Features are AWESOME.It would be a challenging rival for Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC M9 and M9+ if it would be more better.

  • Aman

this mobile wonderfull.....is the awsm mobile..this procceser is very goood....cmaera is very best...launching day purches to mobile.../

  • Lance

Krish , 18 Apr 2015Come on man! Another flagship with no IR Blaster. . This is not goodI was hoping that at least one of the versions has the IR blaster!!! Im currently looking at the Cubot X11. If only it had a better CPU.

  • fosidea

I love it

  • AnonD-396887

the best smartphone why lie 4gb ram its wonderful plus twin sim

  • Asad

[deleted post]There are 3 models I think. Z9, Z9 Max, Z9 Mini

  • AnonD-396478

[deleted post]The processor is indeed Snapdragon 810 as stated on the website.