ZTE shines details about Z50 Ultra camera

Yordan, 01 March 2023

The nubia Z50 Ultra will be unveiled on March 7. The phone will have the latest under-display camera technology by ZTE, and today the brand revealed more details about the cameras of its flagship-tier smartphone.

The main shooter will have a 35 mm equivalent focal length, while the 64 MP periscope telephoto will be 85 mm, both of them with OIS.

ZTE nubia Z50 Ultra camera details ZTE nubia Z50 Ultra camera details ZTE nubia Z50 Ultra camera details
ZTE nubia Z50 Ultra camera details

According to Digital Chat Station, the main camera will be the same as on the nubia Z50 - a 64 MP Sony IMX787 sensor behind an f/1.6 aperture. There is also a third camera for ultra-wide-angle images, and it will be 14 mm equivalent with a 50 MP sensor behind the lens.

ZTE will introduce the nubia Z50 Ultra in six days, in which we expect to learn more details, including the confirmation of the expected Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, as well as RAM and storage.

ZTE shines details about Z50 Ultra camera

This phone will have flat sides and front panel, features also present in the nubia Red Magic 8 Pro, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see the flagship borrow the 6.8” AMOLED with 2480 x 1116 resolution from the gaming device.

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such a lie lol. nobody puts stickers over their phone camera. In all my years As a smartphone user, I've NEVER seen it. Even if I meet paranoid people who think the government is following them, they always end up having an iPhone or Android pho...

Jesus, still on to that pure paranoia over selfie cameras on China phones spying on you? Where do you get that claim from? American politicians being paranoid over some Chinese Android OEM?

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Mar 2023
  • mr}

You seem to be blind or intentionally making a strawman comment, the previous comment is very clear and should not be mixed up between 35mm for full frame sensor and ZTE 35mm lens, it's just a coincidence.

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