ZTE Axon 30 Ultra to feature razor-thin frame, 4,600mAh battery

Ro, 13 April 2021

In yet another teaser for the Axon 30 Ultra ZTE president revealed a couple more interesting details about the handset. A 4,600mAh battery will power up the phone and we got a couple more details about its body.

ZTE teases the Axon 30 Ultra with razor-thin frame, reveals battery

ZTE's flagship will come with large cooling surface while achieving an impressive 8mm overall thickness and a metal frame that measures just 1.7mm.

Additionally, the device will weight just 188g, which for a 6.9-inch display is pretty darn impressive.

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Reader comments

show it sooner, cna't wait

8mm is nothing revolutionary... Mine mate 20 X is 8mm

And how big screen?

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