ZTE unveils Axon 7s with Snapdragon 821

Peter, 18 April 2017

ZTE extends the life of the Axon 7 even further - there’s a new upgraded version, which sports a Snapdragon 821 chipset (up from the 820). However, it’s not clear if it has 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage like the previous spec bump.

Really, that’s all ZTE’s press release says and their website is yet to be updated with the 7s model. We did notice that the speaker grill design has changed, but there’s no info on any changes to the stereo speakers or the Dolby Atmos.

Anyway, we think it’s a safe bet that the 5.5” AMOLED screen with QHD resolution is unchanged, same for the 20MP main camera and the Android 7.1 OS.

You may think that it’s a little late in the game to be moving to Snapdragon 821, but you can tell that to LG, Sony, HTC and a few others, all of which launched 2017 flagships with that chipset.

Thanks for sending this in, Georgy!



Reader comments

is ZTE copying apple's style of model numbers?

They can't, not the top one at least. It contains all the sensors like proximity, ambient light etc etc.

  • AnonD-248589
  • 19 Apr 2017
  • Ibx

If they would get rid of those aweful bezels...

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