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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015My phone started flickering, why is this?If the screen starts flickering, make sure you backed up everything. You have to factory reset it, thats the only way.

  • Honest john

tidepodguy, 09 Apr 2018my ZTE freezes about once every thirty minutes of continuou... moreTo those of you zmax users having problems with phone freezing or crashing every so often, - I've carried and used mine for at least 5 years now and about once a year when mine would begin freezing and becoming sluggish I would back up all vital important data and simply do a factory reboot.
I know this sounds drastic but this snap dragon processor just gets overwhelmed and it starts running thru it's charge quickly - but as soon as perform factory reboot everything works perfect again l

But HBO showtime Amazon prime and others no longer support this model so I'm headed up to buy new s20 ultra and retire my zmax

Zmax is Greatest phone I've owned up to now.

  • Liddy

AnonD-687519, 27 Jul 2017I have no clue why all the bad reviews because this is the ... moreI have had mine almost 4 years and have never had a problem. I have thought about upgrading to the Blaze but I can't really justify the expense. The only thing I would do it for would be a camera upgrade. In my family we have the ZTE ZMAX pro, ZTE Blaze and my ZTE Z max. Mine has better sound than the other two. Granted if you are a gamer, none of these phones are for you.

  • Nia

This is the worst phone I have ever had. The screen locks constantly. When this happens, if you're talking on the phone, you can't see your incoming calls. You have to hang up from the call you're on to see who's calling. The whole design of contact calls and texts is inefficient. After 6 months, my texts started to not send, or send in double. They have designed this phone to work a few months. You get what you pay for. The malfunctions of this phone are truly exasperating. My advice is BUYERS BEWARE.

  • tidepodguy

my ZTE freezes about once every thirty minutes of continuous use. hard time out and finicky power button manipulation brings it all back after about 20 seconds or more. I have literally disabled and cleared everything and it still does it- not only that but it will remove any widgets and return the wallpaper to default. hate this phone...

  • Paul Y.

Functionality of the operation is fine. Mechanically or physical aspects very poor. 1. Plugging connector gets worn out easily by everyday charging so the that's my main issue. I had insurance on my first phone and got two phones with this problem. 2. Touch screen is not very good either. If you have some moisture on your fingers, in winter months on the outside where condensation occurs or the screen is a bit damp would have a hard time on the touch scree. And 3. Not sure if its me but I store a fair amount of pictures/graphics, the phone would suddenly slow to a crawl in reviewing graphics and even uploading the Web. The best thing is the price, but what good is that if you can't enjoy it with the major issues.

  • Anthony

Chez, 08 Jan 2017Zte zmax pro I'm stuck in recovery mode with it saying cann... moreMines also stuck in recovery mode E: cannot load volume /ztecfg! Any help with fixing it would be great!! Email me minircfreak@gmail.com if a fix is found thanks!!

  • Waldo

Can't believe my ZTE phone went to Google maps And was almost exactly the place I was going to trolley station ?

  • monkey

how do I get the imei number when my phone is dead? and what do I do to get the SIM card tray out without the little tool

  • AnonD-707939

It is really suck, absolutely bull++it. The worst phone i ve ever bought or seen. Tomorrow i m returning it. Even if the seller doesnt take it will just drop it
The sensitivity of the touchscreen is very poor. I ve tried all suggestions; changed the pointer speed, downloaded software etc, yet nothing worked at all. It is my fault to buy no brand. It is useless worthless

  • Kimja

What about camera? Its the best pictures to take?

  • Anonymous

April, 25 Apr 2017I bought a ZTE Zmax from a friend. As long as I'm connected... morehopefully its been fixed since you posted this, but check your APN settings!! settings>Mobile netwoks> Access point names>make sure it says whoever your provider is. If not google the providers APN settings. Hope this helps!

  • kevin

Really great phone! I have had it for 2 years and it has given me no problems.

  • Anonymous

no..the phone is not bad. People need to learn how to take care of their phones and not abuse the storage space. Clear cache, give the RAM some breathing room, update your phone when you can, and close out of apps. Have dropped the phone multiple times, covered it in water, etc. Its almost 3 years old. It works great! The software is def old now, and because of this google play updates can get a little crazy, but again, know your phone!

8/10 from me

  • Dbo

Upset , 20 Jun 2017This is the worst phone....... Please DO NOT Buy......I had... moreMy wife phone is doing the exact same thing. I advise also to not purchase this phone it sucks

  • AnonD-687519

I have no clue why all the bad reviews because this is the only phone I ever had that had not even 1 problem.

  • Stephen

what should I do to enhance me network properly?

  • Jaydin

You have to pay for call blocking with this phone and\or Metro\T-mobile service. I previously had AT&T using Galaxy 5..was happy then.

I NEVER get 4G speed!!!!!! Im so disappointed with T-mobile service.

  • Anonymous

Zte max goes offline at least once a day. Have to reboot to get back online. Annoying frequently call list are very large and easily touched making accidental calls. Phone turns off spontaneously. Love the camera and big screen. But won't buy another max.

  • Upset

This is the worst phone....... Please DO NOT Buy......I had my phone for two months and the phone froze over 10 times I can't use my dailer...sometimes it reboots on it's own..... Run fast from this phone worst ever. Cheap is not better