Alleged Galaxy S IV benchmark scores surface online

13 February, 2013

Benchmark results of what is alleged to be the upcoming Galaxy S IV have appeared online. The results have been uploaded on popular benchmarking tool GLBenchmark's website, which also lets us compare it with some of the other devices around.

The phone in question has a model number SHV-E300S, which indicates it could be the South Korean variant of the device. It's also running on Qualcomm's MSM8960 chipset, instead of the Exynos processor Samsung usually uses in its phones.

As you can see from the graph above, the SHV-E300S decimates the competition and last year's Galaxy S III in both the offscreen and onscreen benchmarks. The Nexus 4 nudges ahead in the onscreen tests but only because it has a 720p display compared to the 1080p display on the SHV-E300S.

This is probably not the international model that will likely have an Exynos processor, which could be even faster than the MSM8960 we see above (which is no slouch, either). We are likely to see more of these crop in the near future as we approach the launch of the phone.

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