HTC One package on O2 comes without a charger

04 April, 2013

O2, the popular UK service provider, recently launched its "Charger out of the box" initiative in collaboration with HTC. As a part of the initiative, the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer will ship without a charger.

According to an estimate from O2, there are more than 100 million unused chargers in the UK homes and offices. The number of unused chargers is increasing exponentially with an estimated 30 million new phones being purchased every year in UK.

The HTC One on O2 will come with a USB-to-micro-USB cable, which allows you to charge your smartphones by plugging into a computer. The package doesn't contain the wall plug so you can charge it using any of the leftover chargers from your previous phones, ebook readers or any other microUSB device.

O2 recently conducted a trail run, in which the telecom service providers sold HTC phones without a charger and surprisingly 82% of the buyers were least bothered with the missing item. O2 will no longer offer a new charger as standard with a new phone by 2015 as most of the Android, Windows, Kindles, digital cameras and other gadgets use the same charger connection (micro USB).