Every third Android runs Froyo, two out of five use Eclair

2 November, 2010
Google just published the latest report on the Android versions usage. It covers the two weeks ending on November 1 and shows Android 2.1 is still in the lead, with Eclair devices accounting for more than...

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  • Special one

I have a htc legend running on 2.1,is it possible to upgrade the software to froyo 2.2?

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  • 2010-11-05 18:42
  • N9Vf
  • David

> In reply to Steve @ 2010-11-04 11:06 from Ec7W - click to readSure, I see your point. And after all, if 2.1 and 2.2 is what access the Market anyway, and that is where you put your apps, why bother, right?

I see the point, even more now. Thanks. I was just pointing that it does mean necessarily that there are that fewer 1.6 phones out there than there are 2.1 and 2.2. But yes, the Market is not supposed to measure that.

Thanks for your comment.

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  • 2010-11-04 18:19
  • 8UgH
  • Steve

> In reply to David @ 2010-11-03 21:01 from 8Ugd - click to read@David - The count is good enough for people developing apps for the market place. It shows that 1.6 is falling and 2.1+ are gaining. I'm developing an app targeted at 2.2 and up, so seeing the number of accesses with 2.2 rising is a good thing.

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  • 2010-11-04 11:06
  • Ec7W
  • AmoK

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-11-03 13:28 from nEIE - click to readGo to Modaco.com and download update and install it manually !

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  • 2010-11-04 08:19
  • sr$$
  • SOSmonster

Fragmentation is going to kill the giant? Bugger off. People who buy Backflip or Dext are hardly "power users", so donuts and cupcakes should suit them just fine. And they are falling into a minority anyhow. As technology marches on, the donuts and cupcakes of the world will become obsolete and a consolidation of software versions will eventuate.

Android is still in it's infancy, so this level of experimentation is normal for operating systems across such a diverse range of handsets. Yet in its infancy, Android handsets are now outselling iPhones. We can expect a promising future. Apple fanboys know this, and are frothing at the mouth.

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  • 2010-11-04 02:38
  • Iaah
  • David

I may be wrong, but this methodology seems flawed to me. Or at least the conclusions that people draw from it.

If this represents the devices that ACCESSED the Market, this means that there are much more devices running 1.6 that it seems by looking at the picture.

Therefore, a developer must not think that there are that few devices with 1.6. It's just that those devices rarely access the Market anymore... from my experience, after setting my phone initially, I don't access the Market much anymore (Milestone 2.1 here, waiting 2.2).

Developers must pay attention to that, right? I guess I'm right here. But I don't know.

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  • 2010-11-03 21:01
  • 8Ugd
  • Anonymous

Lg have still not updated the lg gt540 2.1 nor 2.2 in the uk! It's curently running the old 1.6.

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  • 2010-11-03 13:28
  • nEIE
  • Anonymous

even iphones does not share the same os versions i.e iphone 2g vs 3G, 3gs & 4g

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  • 2010-11-03 11:54
  • fu$1
  • sm.gurdeep

> In reply to FireDragon @ 2010-11-03 08:30 from sUvJ - click to readCorrect !!!

Because there seems to be some intermediate script which intercepts the default redirect, does some tracking and finally redirects to the intended page. Its all about tracking stuff you know! Although haven't got much time to look under the hood yet. But its certainly all about interception.

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  • 2010-11-03 10:08
  • tYW6
  • FireDragon

> In reply to sm.gurdeep @ 2010-11-03 05:40 from tYW6 - click to readIf you click on links here it will open the site in new window/tab automatically but if you do copy/paste or using right-click-new-tab/new-window it will not work.

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  • 2010-11-03 08:30
  • sUvJ
  • racerz4

it doesnt matter...how come the galaxy s delayed so many months???its a good phone...but till now no froyo.which is suck

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  • 2010-11-03 05:43
  • kggy
  • sm.gurdeep

> In reply to Filipe @ 2010-11-03 03:15 from P470 - click to readI think the links posted in here meant to be clicked right in the same window, not in a separte tab. Afterall this is how GsmArena tracks which link goes where ;)

Cheers !!!

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  • 2010-11-03 05:40
  • tYW6
  • Filipe

> In reply to Tsarli @ 2010-11-03 02:29 from wY8p - click to readIt's pointless to provide links, they don't work. And if they're too long, they'll be edited so it's not even possible to copy and paste in the browser's address bar.

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  • 2010-11-03 03:15
  • P470
  • Tsarli

I'd love to update to Froyo, but as has been said earlier, some phone companies will deliberately withhold updates to force consumers to purchase newer phones. For example, my less-than-a-year-old Galaxy I5700 Spica will not be provided with a Froyo update due to "hardware issues", while the Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5, which is clearly an inferior phone, will be getting Froyo.

See here:

"Hardware issues" my butt! This is just plain laziness, surely they could come up with a better excuse. Or better yet, why not just say it out in the open: "you're not getting an update because we said so...".

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  • 2010-11-03 02:29
  • wY8p
  • erick

I'm still waiting for samsung's froyo upgrade for my galaxy...so far I am satisfied with android. I'm gonna be a true convert if froyo can make my phone run even faster (former symbian user)

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  • 2010-11-03 02:03
  • PRWZ
  • Anonymous

As long as Android is improving, i don't mind changing phones every 8-10 months.

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  • 2010-11-03 01:11
  • t7Ki
  • jjsoviet

> In reply to Jon2 @ 2010-11-03 00:11 from v0qx - click to readUnstable? Mine never crashed on me nor there was any serious reports of Android builds horribly failing while in use. If there's a problem with an app, you could report to the devs and have them take a look at the LogCat, then they will be able to fix the problem.

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  • 2010-11-03 00:47
  • qJme
  • Anonymous

What on earth are you people on about?
Android is rock solid, 2.1 has never crashed on me, 2.2 is fast as he'll.
Symbian on the other hand is horribly slow and buggy

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  • 2010-11-03 00:18
  • pTNE
  • Jon2

Just when everyone upgrades to Android 2.3, a version 4 might be released in less than 6 months. LOL!

Android = fragmented and unstable OS full of bugs.

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  • 2010-11-03 00:11
  • v0qx
  • jjsoviet

Good to know that most are already on Eclair/Froyo.

Regarding the fragmentation, I don't see it as a serious problem right now. Most of the people still stuck on 1.5/1.6 should know that there are custom mods out there to update to the latest builds, maybe even better than the official releases. Take a look at the first Android phone, the HTC G1. Hell it's already on Froyo thanks to the community like the Cyanogen team.

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  • 2010-11-02 23:58
  • qJme