Pinch-to-zoom coming soon to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

17 November, 2010
Sony Ericsson once said multi-touch isn't ever coming to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 smartphone but now, under the users and developers community pressure, the company engineers finally found...

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seX10der, 19 Nov 2010yeah I agree... a whole more snappier to the touch and the web-b... morewhich update are u referring to? as i have tried updating with no luck on Vodacom, using Xperia X10 Vodacom branded on 2.1. I want pinch to zoom. i think i dont know how to use the double tap for zooming works for zooming in but out>?

  • slopster

stuff the mt - i want adobe flash on it so u cam browse the web as it was meant to be and porn lol

  • sean

hmmm id like to know why they never started to build this if they knew it was possible? or do you think it is a ploy to keep there flagship phone model always in the playing field with the latest devices, because to be fair the x10 has a hell of a lot to give and is only restricted by the software SE gives it. So i reckon it could be done on purpose to keep the se xperia x10 in the headlines. what you guys reckon? next we will find out the x10 has a front facing camera we never knew about lol

  • zxcnkm

wow nice

  • x10 saviour

the price for the iphone4 is a joke

  • x10 saviour

Now that Mt coming to X110. this cell phone is almost perfect. the only thing missing is the the front camera. i just have to wait for the x12. proud X10 user. and iphone user get a life 4 real. iphone=> no bluetoot transfer => you need to use itune for everything i feel sad 4 u and android is by far better thani ios bull crapp. if iphone sell are better than the x10 it is only because of the marketing. x10 4 life

  • tan

seX10der, 22 Nov 2010I've seriously had enough of all these geeks that obviously thin... moredude thank you for this comment lol..IPHONE OWNERS please go check the iphone instead

  • Anonymous

I have an X10 an skype work great for me

  • seX10der

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010And you do realise just how far people will go to fabricate lies... moreDude... i dont know if you took the time to check out those forum
links but they are from the official Apple iPhone Website!
And they seem like seriously concerned users.
The iPhone IS a good product but I just posted those links to illustrate
to some dipshits on this forum that every smartphone out there has its limitations and service failures and none of them are perfect.
I am really happy with my X10 at the moment (especially after the upgrade) and seriously dont see how "inferior" it is to other smartphones... spec sheets and actual performance are two different things. A friend of mine wasnot very chuffed this weekend when my X10
quite frankly out-did his Desire HD on a 720p video recording of a friends stag at night... he conceded that his was alot dimmer, laggier and sound quality was less than acceptable but ofcourse this doesnot make the Desire HD a bad phone... get my point now?!

ps.I dont read amateur stuff... sorry!

  • seX10der

I've seriously had enough of all these geeks that obviously think
that they're fighting some Android vs iOS War or something.
Get it through your exceedingly thick heads that I and few other ACTUAL X10 OWNERS came into this forum to comment and relate on our OWN phones and its development and not on iPhones, HTC's or Samsungs. And to think I was actually getting sucked into this purile and pointless debate... damn... thank God I ran a geek-check on myself! LOL

I will now reply and communicate to only X10 owners that wanna chat about the X10 and its developments...

  • Anonymous

Samsuck, 19 Nov 2010At least the x10 looks more elegent and stylish Than the crappy... moreThen what is the x10 made of? Eggshell? Its still plastic...

  • salin uddin

skype dosen't work in se x10 that is really sad for me and the users and no front camera that is also a sad point for usrs.plz do something for skype

  • GeekyOne

Sony Ericsson clearly have management problems and this is hurting their reputation! I mean honestly, pinch to zoom shouldn't even be a big deal! They need to shape up if they expect to make sales.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]
I'll just pretend that I didn't see your last two words in your previous comment.

And at this point I must say that I agree! Yes this should be their from the beginning but getting it now is better than never. So since we agree I don't think that we should argue anymore, specially that you stated that your not a SE hater and you were just sharing your opinion.

Good day,

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]
Your just a joke, your making fun of the X10 for just getting the MT, well about the iphone that still doesn't have bluetooth, and you still can't delete pics with out itunes WTF!!

I think getting MT now is better than not getting it at all! And MT is not a deal breaker like a bluetooth or even deleting some basic pictures for example. So how about you get a life and leave this place, why do you come here ? It's obvious your a SE hater, otherwise there are companies who are doing much worse than us but yet you come here and bash SE.

iphone just got video calling and a flash for the camera how pathetic is this? And here your degrading se for doing something good for us? Are you that narrow minded or what, it's true they should have put mt from the main beginning but giving it now is better than never having it. have a life and stop bi*ching and being annoying.

X10 users are happy for such news and satisfied and they are much more smarter than you, so since you don't even have the phone just keep out of it.

  • Anonymous

seX10der, 19 Nov 2010Before you go gloating about multi-touch and how Apple were the ... moreLook, I'm an HTC Desire HD guy but the numbers don't lie fanboy. You have to acknowledge that the iPhone sells and outsells the WHOLE SE lineup. iPhone sells by the millions. Of coarse there will be faults and a few lemons here and there when you sell that many phones.

If the iPhone was really that bad then it won't sell. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. The only reason why Android is dominating is because it is available to all manufacturers. If Apple decides to license its software then all the manufacturers will be flocking on it. But that won't happen for as long as SJ is at the helm in Apple and it will be Windows vs OS X all over again.

The X10 is a sad story in the Android world. HTC was able to improve Sense UI, release updates, roll out a few flagship worthy cellphones and beat the crap out of the X10 at a time when SE is just figuring out its Eclair update. HTC was able to do all that while SE was sitting on their hands.


  • Jteve Sobs

seX10der, 19 Nov 2010Before you go gloating about multi-touch and how Apple were the ... moreWhat has all these got to do with MT? Non of this is even remotely associated with it and all you're doing is finding faults with every other phone except your huge slab of an outdated door-stopper.

Look at yourself, SE fanboys! Like poor little orphans at Christmas, clapping your hands with glee as you unwrap last year's top toy! Talk about begging for scraps!

  • Anonymous

Like I posted on the X10 main review, I'm posting my opinion here on this discussion.
My HTC Desire HD WITH multi-touch makes your SE X10 looks like the garbage can among android flagships. =D

HTC Desire HD FTW!

  • Samsuck

At least the x10 looks more elegent and stylish
Than the crappy, cheesy and plasticy galaxy s :)

What good is it to have good technology that's covered by
Garbage, this is the best way I can describe the galaxy s :)

  • Anonymous

To be honest, I think this is the most bullsh*t thing I've ever read. Good for the X10 to get Pinch-to-zoom, but you call this news GSMArena? Can't believe this is the only thing you have to offer along with the countless (and quite frankly, ridiculous) Nokia reviews! Better pick up on your content, soon!