Galaxy S II display reportedly has yellow spots, we test

01 June, 2011
The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is having a magnificent debut on the smartphone scene, winning plenty of users for the Android and Samsung cause. Well it appears that not all is rosy with the...

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  • Surprise, surprise..

And the problems start... As usual.
As usual Samsung look awesome in paper but the problems start to appear soon. bad cameras, low battery life, heating problems, wrong colours, low gps signal, bad sound during call etc, etc, etc.
super amoled was supposedly perfect and a total screen killer but when the galaxy S2 was near launching date the truth started to appear: bad colours, high power consumption, lower durability and, surprise surprise! Not that good resolution.
Had a Samsung Tv and was about the same... seemed perfect when new but after a while it started to go down the drain in terms of image quality so... Does this real surprises anyone?

  • Anonymous

Nokia C7 and N8 AMOLED screens have similar (purple) issue, why wasn't this reported on GSMArena?

  • Naff

[deleted post]maybe consider specsavers!! :)

  • Cris

Mine is ok...:)...check the Lg Optimus 2x on dark image in low will light up your room:)))the biggest backlight leak i ever see...

hmmm I don't know if this is good or bad, but, I will thing maybe Atrix 4G is an better option...or not?

hehehe now it the Displaygate and from Samsung, and people screams about Nokias screen, this is as faulty as Nokias....

Shame on Samsung and they are supposed to make the screens for theiir own phones and now their standards of quality are questionable...

The first!

Too bad for Samy, I'm waiting for my HTC Sensation:) However, I've seen GS II live, looks amazing and no yellow spots noticed!