Siri successfully ported over to other iOS devices

30 October, 2011
After several attempts developers have finally been successful in porting over Siri to other iOS devices.

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  • AJJU

yes i watched the SIRI on youtube it was really astonishing...!!!

  • boretodeath

Siri is not siri without Nuance recognition software, and chips,
Isn't SIRI who doing all the job, (bUT NUANCE, the creator of dragon Natural SPeaking, and others products)

It's so sad believers "of apple" 99,9% of the time when you praised apple, you should praise the real actors behind these ; It's all novelties of others enterprises.

You should waking up

@people talking about android and vilingo

Siri is more like a PA, it is something with a little artificial intelligence, vilingo on the contrary is not so...but siri doesnt even come close to voice action, an AI app developed by Pannus, available in the android market using google voice action, so siri is not new....and whats even more interesting is..u dun ve to pay extra dough to get Alice (Thats the name of the bot)

  • Doctor Shahkar

ninjabass66, 30 Oct 2011A lot of people speak about siri, and the same company has vling... moreSorry to say mate , but that is such a stupid comment by you.

There is a big difference between u speaking and the software converting that into text and the Artificial intelligence that been imparted to Siri.

Siri understand the context in which u wanted 2 say something.

Forexample if some one has wife and u tell Siri to text my wife that i will be late , it does not write exactly what u said but rather "I WILL BE LATE" which is exactly what u meant.

NOt an Apple FAn Boy here but really like where Apple is going with the Overall Package of an iPhone Brand.

The thing is that the other cell phone manufacturers can copy each other in term of hardware , but user experience is something that u can't copy 100 %.

And thats what Apple is doing. Siri is quite impressive for being infant.Imagine in 2 or 3 years what it will be able to do if developed intelligently.

from what i have heard apple is only allowing the iphone 4S to use siri at the moment because voice recognition of this calibre is intense on the servers, so to keep responce time fast they limited the feature to its latest and greatest device.

  • inthestarrysky

from what i have heard is apple is only allowing the iphone 4S at the moment is because voice recognition of this calibre is hard on the servers, so to keep responce time fast they limited the feature to its latest and greatest device. just be patient or stop winging about it and go buy one :)

  • Anonymous

Is SIRI really that impressive? Its a novelty item that will look cool for a week before people start looking like losers asking their phone about the weather. I'd prefer SIRI be able to pull its responses from the web at 4G speeds rather than simply pulling information. We could have hit a home run and gotten 4g LTE, video calls over 3g, and a 4 in screen. But we hit a single. And as it turns out, you can run SIRI on an iphone 4 anyway.

  • Anonymous

you can actually ask vlingo on the Galaxy S II to play a specific song by a specific artist. I don't have a iPhone 4S but I agree judging from what I've seen on videos, Siri can do alot more. With vlingo, once you ask it to perform an action, there is no going back i.e. if I ask what the weather is, it pulls up weather withing Google and that's it. I have to manually go back to where it was becuase I can speak another command. That's a pain.

  • Anonymous

ninjabass66, 30 Oct 2011A lot of people speak about siri, and the same company has vling... moreyou just compared a ford with a ferrari the 2 are leagues apart and the voice detection rate against what im trying to say an any android is not remotely as accurate i can slur my words with siri and it still picks it up.

i have iphone 4s and galaxys2 (the best droid) and all the voice things are just worlds apart siri useful and fully intregrated with the handset apps on any device cant offer that.

ask yours to play a certain track by a set artist it wont ask it the meaning of life ask it to set a 20 meter proximity that when u leave it asks u if u have done said task.

Siri gets better the more u use it

  • Alui

Why there is no Siri on iPad 2? Because Apple sucks. I'll never buy another product from them.

  • Anonymous

These comments are hilarious. It goes to show how much the average fandroid knows.

iOS > Android

Kalun, 31 Oct 2011I think, you are one of the Samsung Diehard fan right.. I exp... moreNo mate, I think you have completely misunderstood my point... I was trying to say that Siri is not Vlingo as claimed by some people here.. and you are right... Vlingo came to Apple much before Android... But some blind Droid fans wont get it.. And no I am not a Samsung die-hard fan... I would anyday choose the iPhone over others...

  • Anonymous

not on jail break!!!

  • Anonymous

y post there names now apple can track them and we wont have it

  • Anonymous

I wonder if there will be an official apple update in the future to allow siri to get used on all other apple devices.

[deleted post]Nemo, with all due respect to your country, I am sure nothing like this has come out from that part of the world that is of any note. Why people buy Apple is not for you to understand, but to just wonder, Millions buy it, but not you, wonder why ?

I am a very big Apple fan and the 4S release did not disappoint me, as this was expected of Apple, who never releases a big leap in IOS with a Brand new device. Lion OS is one example. However as a non American, or British ( some ) or Australian ( some ) this SIRI is one of the most disappointing event to come from Apple. Apple has been always very careful not to disappoint, but the SIRI is not ready for use, and calling it BETA does not help. As an Asian, I can only get 60% of what I say understood, and that is as good as zero. Read backs are okay while driving or running, but dictation is completely out.

TechnoFreak, 31 Oct 2011Exactly!!! And they come back with the same dumb comment that we... moreI think, you are one of the Samsung Diehard fan right..

I explain.. Siri and Vlingo is the SAME but Siri has more features!
Both are made from the same company SRI international. But both seperated during birth..
Apple bought Siri but not Vlingo.. Vlingo is still available in apple app store.

So you like to fancy your pretend to be expensive SGS2.. We dont mind.
I am fan of every technology in the market except for cheap phone from China or fakes..

I have seen alot of Fakes Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhones in my country. Luckily I dont buy it. Hope you enjoy your Vlingo..
I stick with conventional typing because of my accent and for privacy reason, i don't use Vlingo and Siri.

Voice recognition is still not reliable.. Nor, the face recorgnition.

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2011Lol yet another noob? I thought the differences were clear alrea... moreExactly!!! And they come back with the same dumb comment that we have Vlingo for months now and Siri is nothing but a copy of Vlingo... Guess they really need to educate themselves...

  • fita

JayLeonard, 31 Oct 2011If you don't care about their EULA, then you don't care to be fi... moreseriously, they'll sue me isolately? lol. these companies just need sales. they dont care about end-users choice.