HTC Desire HD, Incredible S and ChaCha getting Android 2.3.5

11 December, 2011
The HTC Incredible S and Desire HD are getting a 2.3.5 update with HTC Sense 3.0 in the UK.

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  • Anonymous

My Touch Screen Creack Service c enter say can not Repair WHY WHY

  • Anonymous

in love htc, 02 Mar 2012to whom can tell me the real time for upgrade v.4 for Incredible S.don't upgrade android 4....the phone will be destroy

  • AJ DHD

Don't get funzzy on not getting 2.3 on ur DESIRE HD B'cuz it has not been released in India Till Now... n it will take little MORE time to Release it here.

  • hassan

i cant upgrade ma htc desire HD to 2.3.5 frm ma phone! wat to do? plz hlp me.

  • in love htc

to whom can tell me the real time for upgrade v.4 for Incredible S.

  • shakti

uddi, 20 Feb 2012i did'nt get any htc chacha update till that sec....what to do.....I also did'nt got yet i think they did'nt make any updates till yet in india

  • uddi

i did'nt get any htc chacha update till that sec....what to do.....

  • No Name

Hi everyone i just update my htc incredible s to android 2.3.5 with sense 3.0 i have to said look alot better and runnig alot better and all so got task killer so u dont have 2 download and instill one

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2012Got mine Desire HD updated in was worth ... morehow ..????????????????????

  • bsv_14

How do i update my DHD..?? Please tell the step ..?

M unable to update mine desire hd to2.3.5
Mi.e phone us running on 2.3 even on checking manually m unable to get it it shows mine pho.e is up to date
Please tell me steps to update it

  • Kevin D'Costa

Hey Guys just the Update for the 2.3.5 with the Sense 3.0 & its great.Also wanted to Ask HTC something why the hell did you guys launch the Sensation XL without a SD Slot?


Dear ALL
I have a DHD A9191 India Rom, I needed Arabic language so I changed the Rom and installed a Original Arabic Rom. Now the 2.3.5 update for India is released but I can not get it on my device. How can I get the back the Original ROM from India back on my device.
Can anyone help me please.

  • Philip Walter

Installed the updated for Desire HD in chennai... Works like charm... Looks and feels great...Thanks HTC...

  • Anonymous

Got mine Desire HD updated in was worth a wait for such an update. The phone feels all new and different....

Thanks HTC

  • Wolverine037

guys i downloaded the update and the phone keeps on restarting,please anyone help on this matter everytime i turn it on it restarts i took the battery out also nothing helped

  • svn21

Finally DHD update in India...dwlding now :)

sree, 24 Jan 2012I think he is kidding...I'm using HTC desire HD. Haven't got any... moreCheck now bro.. Im downloading mine

Hey I'm from Bangalore, India . Downloading the new update 2.3.5 right now.. will confirm once installed The file is 229 MB.. Awesomeness HTC, Finally !

  • Philip Walter

Patiently waiting for the update... hopefully tomorrow the update comes...!!