Android ICS ROM for Galaxy S II leaks, T-Mo's S II gets an update

14 December, 2011
Check out the video that shows how much TouchWiz covers Ice Cream Sandwich's goodies.

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  • Carl

yes but the phone on the video is not the tmobile version

  • surya

Expandable memory is upto 32GB. and then new version v3.0 connectivity bluetooth connection is very fast.

this rom support the Persian (فارس&am­p;#1740;)?

  • Anonymous

that orange rectangle when you click something is annoying, i dont appreciate it, i'll stay on gingerbread

  • Sajithchandra

Lot of bugs in it.... U can install for a trail, not good for regular use.

Well here’s some bad news for some (most?) of you. It looks like even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Android 4.0, it will look nothing like ICS at all. In fact you’ll barely notice any difference in the UI compared to what you have now. It will mostly be the same old TouchWiz 4.0. So most of the changes will be under the hood....

pls update tochwiz. 5.0 ...

  • Don

Is there any change in price of s2 after updating into 4.0.?

  • Don

For the record, those armchair critics of the mobile industry who have no idea what it takes to push one phone into the market much more multiple phones on different platforms with different versions. every pansy without a clue screaming for features they will never use or will use negligibly. don't make me laugh.

  • lozboi

this is a question to all gs2 owners! i have just bought one and the colour banding is awful compared to my iPhone 4! My mates has the same and his is newer! will ICS get rid of this banding issue?

  • reddeath

What is the point of announcing ICS on S2, if the new interface and features are not being used. What is the benefit of have a higher number in the About menu without any actual improvements?

  • sandy

The phone freezes while sms typing or keypad dialing.

  • marius

fadz, 15 Dec 2011android 4.0? what happened to the 3.0!android 3.x or "Honeycomb" is made ONLY for tablets.
this is the reason why u won't see it in phones

  • thecalmcritic

uncle bob, 15 Dec 2011ofcourse this is not the final build, this is just a rom with to... more"this is just a new ROM with Tw 4.0 on top"
Umm...EXACTLY. Because going by Samsung's track record, that's exactly how the final shipping firmware will look like.

I can only hope that Doomlord of xda can fix a new zergrush script for that ver or Samsung to put out the sources fast enough for MIUI or CM.

/sgs2 i9100g owner

  • Daca

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011what the heck! that is just a gingerbread with new lock screen a... moreAgree

  • lol

Anon, 15 Dec 2011Silly fanboys. Did you really think google had something new to ... more@Anon..
windows mango is really innovative OS.. a text message can freeze the whole phone..

  • uncle bob

Hi, 14 Dec 2011Err what's different looks the same as the gingerbread I r... moreofcourse this is not the final build, this is just a rom with touchwiz 4.0 ontop.

Its already been confirmed sammy are working on 5.0 to blend nicely with ICS - to give it that futureistic kind of look

Silly fanboys. Did you really think google had something new to offer its OEM's and users???

ice cream sandwich is a bunch of rehashed ideas stolen from RIM, WebOS and Symbian: absolutely nothing fresh or innovative about it

If fanboys want to use something that doesn't feel outdated, they should try Windows Phone

  • AMH

if the rom will look like my gingerbread with the damn touchwiz on it, i will root and flash vanilla ics on it.

and sammy, as much as i love your phones, i hate your software.... last time i buy a samsung device!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

hi guys galaxy r can use the galaxy s2 rom (ics),?

  • Anonymous

what the heck! that is just a gingerbread with new lock screen and face unlock feature. come on samsung we bought your expensive sgsII device we deserve to be treated well so dont give us that crap. thats not even close to ics in galaxy nexus. take it seriously and be fair.