LG reveals Android Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule

26 December, 2011
The updates will start rolling out to devices starting Q2, 2012 and will continue till Q3, 2012.

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  • holmes3000

will lg ever give the e739 4.0? or is it going to just stay on 2.3.6, This morning around 5 am there was a software update for it and I thought it was going to be for 4.0 so I install and nope I dont know what the update did but its still on 2.3.6

  • citizen302

still no update for optimus blaack ?!?!?!

is it coming soon (bosnia and herzegovina)

  • Anil Rawat

Hey I using LG 2x n loving it....
HopE my phone soon taste the Icecream N sandwich...:)

  • Ehsan

hey its Q3 and nothing about ICS for OB

nicely done by LG, looking forward for the rlease for my lovely optimus

  • BlueBoy

I'm using LG Optimus 2X i hope my phone will get ICS in this Q2 :)

  • basu1210

I hope vl get ics fr 2x till june...still waitn lg plz dnt dissappoint us....:)

It seems LG is holding back on the ICS on some of it's handsets such as the LG-E739 and the LG-G2x, I really hope that LG gets on the ball here.

  • doodz

this is the 2nd quarter of year 2012 but ICS for Optimus 2x are not develop although the other brand like samsung, htc and ericson in same spec of optimus 2x are getting ICS already. what's the problem? till now the Nvidia is a problem of this phone so that means this phone is hopeless to get Ice Cream Sandwitch.

  • Anonymous

can you tell me the D day for optimus2x ?

  • john.aldoid

how about optimus Hub, I hope LG would release ICS for this as well

  • brian

will the lg optimus v update this phone is from virgin mobile

  • Anonymous

updating to ics is not that simple you know...
its not that simple like that of ios which controls the hardware of the iphone, unfortunately in android , they have to configure the kernel to suit the hardware of the phone, and its even more difficult wen u hav many different types....

  • palaro

so no update to ics for optimus one? it's a shame...

when is the exact date for ics in optimus 2x

  • Navareesh

kdog 1202, 21 Jan 2012will regular lg mytouch get the update (since its practically sa... morei was wondering the same exact thing.

will regular lg mytouch get the update (since its practically same as mytouch q) ?

  • arun

naren, 15 Jan 2012@ rohith Got my 2x updated to GB yest. Its seriously good. Ba... moreHi , How do i upgrade to 2.3 in Optimus 2x ?

  • naren

@ rohith

Got my 2x updated to GB yest. Its seriously good. Battery lasts way more than when it was in froyo. But no major visual changes. Had lot of problems wit battery lasting. Happy now. Waiting for ICS now. Its going to take a long time.,but still i love my 2x.!!

Looking forward to the ICS for LG Optimus 2x! :)

Any idea on specific date? ...month? ...day? :D