T-Mobile UK unveils Full Monty - its first all-you-can-eat plan

30 January, 2012
The monthly fees for the plan go from 36 to 61 and can be combined with any smartphone that the carrier offers.

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  • Anonymous

yes, but network three are cr*p!!!

  • Anonymous

Double checked the terms and conditions. There's no data cap BUT there IS a 2 MB/s bandwidth limit/cap on the 3/3.5G service (which has been true for a while now). The tariff doesn't cover certain MVNOs (especially the cheap international calling ones) - so those are chargeable, as is their voicemail and non-geographical UK numbers.

What isn't listed is that in order to prevent abuse of Unlimited Texts (supposedly to prevent spamming services) - there is a fair use policy of 3000 texts per calendar month.

Oh, and I'm sure there's other charges in there somewhere, too.

Pay as you go on vodafone seems to be one of the best rates if you are not on contract.
'text and web' gives you about 300 texts, 500mb of internet (they say 500, but I've used well over 1gb.). they dont seem to cap after the 500 and have never ran out of internet usage. and your standard £10 top up. All this for £10.

you guys in the uk are so lucky to have plans like these.Here in South Africa the mobile carries kills us.If you want a Samsung Galaxy S2 you gonna pay R269(+-£23) per month on a 2year contract and they only give you 100mb of data usage for 6months with no minutes or smses or the other carrier has it for R299(+-£25) per month for 2years and u get R200(£17) you can use for data,phone call or sms.and you get 50sms p/m.you guys have it good

  • Peter

With luck, the US is next. But I doubt it.

  • djrsm

Who really needs unlimited internet anyway? Most people have internet at home. T-Mobile's new standard plans are great as they include 08 numbers within your allowance. Would rather have a plan with 08 numbers included than unlimited internet that I will never go through!

Today you sign the contract, tomorrow you get SOPA, PIPA and ACTA and have nothing to download.

Although data usage may be "unlimited" there will no doubt be restrictions on voip and Data Speeds (eg 2Mbps)

  • Vivek

Three were the first to offer all-you-can-eat-data in UK with their One plan starting £25.

  • 3

Hector, 30 Jan 2012If the phone you already have... can you get the plan with a dis... moreIf you need a sim only deal(NOT A MICRO SIM)you will get it on 3 for £25 on a one month rolling contract :)

  • 3

Well with three you get ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA with an 4S free for £37

  • Anonymous

Is there a data cap for throttleing?

[deleted post]Well you would say that wouldn't you?
I don't have time for Bulls*****s, keep on dreaming.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Also there is no way to tell between tethered and mobile data since it still goes through your phone.

  • Hector

If the phone you already have... can you get the plan with a discount ?

  • vky

Bah Three, 30 Jan 2012yes three UK have been offering AYCE data for a while but i neve... morelol....u think Tmobile is better ??? check your facts...

  • vky

wollastonblue, 30 Jan 2012There is one major difference between the 3 One Plan and the new... moreIts actually 5000 texts and u can tehter ....

wollastonblue, 30 Jan 2012There is one major difference between the 3 One Plan and the new... more3 offer 3000 with sim only plans except one plan everything esle is 5000, and also, tmobile has a fair use policy on there texts mate.

jhr774, 30 Jan 2012Rubbish, it does not matter what phone you have.. It's your simc... moreAnother example is if you try and put your One Plan simcard in a Broadband dongle and try to use it to surfe the net, they detect this and warn you to remove it, it's stupid because you can tethering as much as you like but if you place the sim directly in the dongle its not allowed.

Also if you place your Three simcard into a 2g only phone they will warn you and if you don't start using a 3g capable phone they will block your simcard.

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2012The only way they could block it is if you have a Three phone (T... moreRubbish, it does not matter what phone you have.. It's your simcard that does all that + your number that identify you to the network, that's like saying if you put a three PAYG simcard into a T-Mobile branded phone you can make all the calls you wanted and they wouldn't know....