Itís hot, itís Nokia Tube live

09 Apr, 2008
Nokia Tube, the latest and highly rumored exceptional Touch phone, is no longer a rumor as live images of the device leaked today plus some details about the device feature pack. Nokia Tube runs on the...

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5800 xpress music, had one after iPhone 3g, was nowhere close to iPhone responsiveness and os, Nokia lost war that day when theye didint take serious touch technology and didint choose android

  • Anonymous

people would much rather buy the nokia brand its reliable and way better then apple . and this is coming from a person that owns a iphone!iphones just stuff up . think of nokia like microsoft over apple microsoft always wins!!!

  • yelnats

good !!!! but narrow Display............

  • vinod .andhra.rajahm

i think it break the market

  • fnz

iphone fans would not prefer to buy anything but the next apple phone...

  • abcyesn

Well I think Nokia 5800 is best among all of these. It has Touchscreen, GPS, Nokia Maps, 3G, Wifi, 2 cameras (3MP), Video calling, 16GB storage, 640x360 screen resolution, FM Radio, Flash support browser, Voice dialling. Its just 109gm in weight and available in 3 colors.

Its also bundled with Nokia's 'Comes With Music' service which allows you to download free music for 1 year from Nokia's vast library of millions of tracks.

Definitely a great phone, there's even a fans website out there for it, see

  • das

Pratik, 04 Nov 2008If this phone is less than 20 k than it will cover the whole mar... moreagree, excellent phone.

  • Pratik

If this phone is less than 20 k than it will cover the whole market..

Iphone will be out completely

  • ben

Too late for market while the iphone has creamed the top. Now with more production delays, the Tube may just be passť when it finally hits the market. Judging from the UI responsiveness as seen on the video, the thing is pretty slow. The iPhone sold because it gave a different user experience, while limiting its features, it could have better overall responsiveness. The Tube is loaded with features, thus the responsiveness to User controls will be severely hit.

  • Wesley

I think its just the first step for Nokia to bet Iphone.

  • shakum

what's wron with peo, 22 Aug 2008I found most people that posted comments here love to complain t... moreyoure all nuts.

  • Cmba

Its a great phone.Two thumbs up for the Nokia team.The question is does it beat the iphone?

  • steven

ghost, 16 Sep 2008hi folks wanna let you know that the nokia tube will be release ... morei think the tube is great

  • mike

will the nokia tube be compatible with the 3g network

  • Red Satan

yeah, I agree with Lion King, the first touch phone from NOKIA was 7710!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • ghost

hi folks wanna let you know that the nokia tube will be release in November

  • anonymous

tactile feedback should be history...shud have been multi touch, and hey..what about the processor on this phone...

  • Lion King

@Mark: This is not the first touch phone from nokia, infact there is a model which nokia discontinued. well you can say the first touch screen for S60 platform. Again the sucess of this phone depends on the price tag

  • Mark

i can't wait the Nokia Tube, the first phone with touchscreen from Nokia, that's gotta be exciting ...

  • what's wron with peo

I found most people that posted comments here love to complain than think. I believe guys who complain that there's a stylus on tube is suck,will also complain if there's none.
Maybe they don't really know what touch phone is.
You don't need to use stylus everytime u use phone!?!?!?!! you can use your finger tip, nail, chopstick or whatever you like to touch~! For simple operations like dialing, choosing app. or open some app., u don't need stylus. Anyway, it's better to have stylus attached to ur phone in case u need it somehow.

I think it's great that Nokia came up with something different. Good or bad, just wait and see. If it's not your style, just don't buy, that's all, why complain. -*-