LG Optimus G launches in South Korea, quad-core Krait in tow

18 September, 2012
The powerful droid will start selling in Korea from next week. Update: we have hands-on photos.

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  • Alif Sang Fakir

The Haters gonna hate..
Go rock Sony & LG!

  • Anonymous

lieisgood, 18 Sep 2012Who belive this? "The handset will get updated to Androi... moreUnfortunately there are people who still believe in LG

  • byhyy

looks ugly on the back

  • Anonymous

I'm not settle for samsung/apple's old technology with their upgraded software. I'm going with this top-of-the-line smartphone even if it stay on ICS it's enough for me and ready for heavy usage apps/games that may get released by devs in the future and benifits this powerful hardware.

  • Wimz3n

lashton, 18 Sep 2012people sometimes buy phone for thier funtions not for upgradesYeah, of course. If you change phone once a year. plzz

I would get it if I'm planning to use my phone for a couple of months but I'm definitely not getting it since I'm willing to keep my next phone for at least 2 years and I need updates.Will either get the S3 or wait for the next nexus but most likely I'm getting the S3,at least its bootloader isn't locked like LG phones.

  • RanSu

BEAUTIFUL! but a bit pricey >_

  • rhasy

how much frice this new phone

  • xyz

I am impressed by the powerful hardware and battery. But the squarish camera lens and plasticky corners are totally fugly.

  • duscav

Sorta ugly

  • what lol

No tv out, and jelly bean soon to follow..
this being lg jelly bean will probably arrive in 2 years.

Am I the only one who disappointed with its design? The back cover is innovative but the camera and flash design looks like an afterthought.

lieisgood, 18 Sep 2012Who belive this? "The handset will get updated to Androi... moreIn case you didn't notice, LG's policy has changed. You will definetely see JB on Optimus G. I'm surprised they didn't launch it with JB in the first place. JB will come on Optimus 4X HD this year.

  • lieisgood

Who belive this?

"The handset will get updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in Korea by the end of this year."

  • kamal



  • TheOptimus

Stop complaining about software updates guys. Sometimes you buy a phone not just cauze of their software, rite? New phones release very often these days and usually you'll feel outdated with your phone after 6 months or something and at that time whether or not there're updates you would turn your expectation to others. Think about that....

  • Anonymous

Much superiot to both iphone 5 and Lumia X20. Better HW, good design, much better os. But LG must step up its game in SW optimalisation and updates dept.

  • rj23

this phone never failed me when it comes to the design. i am so eager to wait for this phone or the rumored HTC One X5 on the news section of gsmarena coz that looks fab too! they are both powered by quad s4 Pro chips which make both of the 2 the most powerful smartphones to date. RIP Apple and Sammy! LG, HTC and Sony will take the lead this year up until next year if all the 3 mentioned will incorporate their lovely designs and great internals! ^^

  • maximss

now this is some competition (somehow beyond 5th row icon lolz)

You hypocrites! You barely have money to live and you criticize LG and its products. You have no idea what LG means, go and watch some Samsung pictures on the web.