Motorola wins patent case against Microsoft in Germany

05 October, 2012
The German courts ruled that Motorola did not infringe a patent for apps running on multiple handsets. 

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  • Vincent

Microsoft loses patent case against Motorola should be the appropriate title

Hey Microsoft, stop wasting time!
Come out something great and make your dad proud!

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2012very nice..i support motorola-the best phones everA typically blind fanboy. Without Microsoft you don't have Windows. And hence Windows powered most of the PC and MacBook(via bootcamp) around the world

Didn't think there was the need yet.
Let WP8 do the talking.

  • ifan

weak court..

  • Chris

Now the pot is calling the kettle black. LOL!

  • Arturas

Zao, 05 Oct 2012Not long ago I stayed in Germany for a few days with a not EU pa... moreWell, lucky you I have to say, indeed I can barely believe you cause I know they won't open a bank account unless you have some kind of rent-agreement, so that they know that you're staying in Germany. And they also ask you to hand over your job agreement. In my case I haven't tried opening bank accounts in Berlin or Munich, but I have in Mannheim and elsewhere and it seems everything is pretty complex... Sure the system has it's benefits too. I like Germany, but the level of bureaucracy seems stressy...

Arturas, 05 Oct 2012Now this: "Germany has garnered a reputation as a battlegro... moreNot long ago I stayed in Germany for a few days with a not EU passport and could open a bank account for 20 minutes at Deutsche Bank. Didn't find any bureaucracy anywhere in Berlin and Munich

  • alsocurious

this sounds like it could be a patent on use of a virtual machine like dalvik. if so how did Microsoft obtain a patent on such already existing tech?

  • Anonymous

very nice..i support motorola-the best phones ever

Chrischi, 05 Oct 2012Dont know how to handle the news. I live in germany and here I d... moreSiemens, that got taken over and ruined by Benq? Only stand out phone of theirs being the SX1, the rest mediocre.

  • Arturas

Chrischi, 05 Oct 2012Dont know how to handle the news. I live in germany and here I d... moreYou would take over in the smarthpone market? Well we've been in a conference where someone gave the question why germany doesn't go in the smartphone market. The answer was that they can't build a good smartphone for a decent price. This means they can't be competetive enough. Sure they can build a great phone, but they can't make it cheap.

  • Arturas

Now this: "Germany has garnered a reputation as a battleground for global patent wars, due largely to its cheap and quick court process compared to other countries." - sounds awkward. Cheap and quick court process? Well I haven't been in a court process, but so far as I've seen, Germany is a very bureaucratic country and the processes are very slow, It took me like 5 attempts till I could finally open a bank acocunt there... You go to the bank, they say you can't unless you work, then they send you to your local bank, then you come, they are taking 2 hours break, then you come next time, unfortunately you have to make an appointment first. Then you make the appointment and have to come next time for your appointment. Then you can open bank account (but only if you have a proof that you will have a job lol). People told me it's the same way in UK too... Well anyway, that's why I can't imagine how the court process could go fast...

  • Denzo

Google is stopping innovation!!

  • Anonymous

motorola is first mobile maker in the world

moto is best

Good microsoft deserves it sinc they treat people like shit all the time withe there continues BS products



  • ChatterCheese

As a German, I feel slightly uncomfortable about the notion of Germany being a battleground again... didn't turn out that well for us last time.

  • 313photography

Why companies start this , omg this is so crazy , it start from the stupid apple , so now everybody do it , ok moto did a good job , but all companies should suit apple , and earase this companie from earth , omg , all problem came from this companie , then they say innovation , omg stupid innovation

  • Chrischi

Dont know how to handle the news. I live in germany and here I dont see a battleground^^ just kiddin', even though I really live in germany.

Other companies choose germany, because we like logic, we do not count, which company comes from where, we are free of prejudices, since there is no german phone company anymore, cuz siemens doesnt produce smartphones... Good for the rest of the world, or we would take over like in the car biz :)