Apple's FRAND lawsuit against Motorola dismissed in US

06 November, 2012
Apple will have to successfully appeal the decision if it is to fill another lawsuit about it.

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  • Anonymous

Orange, 12 Nov 2012Looks like what was once the most innovative company is now turn... moreThe only problem is this is actually how they have always been for the most part. People are always just to blind or refuse to see it

  • Orange

Looks like what was once the most innovative company is now turning to cheap tricks in a pathetic attempt to retain their crumbling empire. Go Motorola!

  • Anonymous

mahesh jaat, 09 Nov 2012i like apple brand...........well then you keep liking an illegal copy cat that aims to put a monopoly on all technology and steel it all and charge more for it because they put an apple on it. so bad that they scam everyone and even scam schools out of millions of dollars that could be used to better educate the kids

  • mahesh jaat

johorian1978, 09 Nov 2012In future, maybe I'll have to pay a royalty to Apple if I want t... morei like apple brand...........

  • johorian1978

In future, maybe I'll have to pay a royalty to Apple if I want to eat an apple.... Hahahaha.....
This company should start selling apple fruit to cover their losses in future...
I'm with Samsung but Motorola, YOU ARE GOD of this industries for many years.... Without you, I don't think that we can communicate through phone till today... Respect should go to MOTOROLA!

  • vladpinoy

or how about apple change their company name as "iSue"
sounds like them really..

  • vladpinoy

Maybe apple will sue APL De Ap of Black Eyed Peas for using APL as name as well.. sounds like apple.. poor APL.. ^___^

  • M@i20

LOL just seen this ...
Apple innocent? I donít think so.. Go for it crapple please do us all a favor do the right thing or get the hell out!!
Apple has been found guilty of violating four patents held by a company called VirnetX. VirnetX believes Apple's FaceTime app, which lets iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac device users conduct real-time, two-way video chats, infringes on its intellectual property. VirnetX's patents specifically cover "the use of a domain-name service to set up virtual private networks." Under VirnetX's patent, the VPNs are then used by corporations to communicate with customers or employees. Crapple maintains that it is innocent.

  • Dazz

Apple has lost another court case and since they fought to the bitter end, ended up paying almost twice as much as Microsoft who ended up paying in a settlement lol

Which effects face time for their entire line up


rest in peace apple together with your founder stecve job

people wake up, apple is just a bully company trying to mentalize eveything into thiinking they invented everything.
before when u got i devices at school, ur cool

now if u got android ur awesome!
made the switch, no regrets! nexus 4 will kill iphone 5
thats a FACT

  • eidbest

Apple will never learn, instead of wasting its time and the taxpayers money, let it focus on coming up with products that are commensurate with the competition's. Apple is really not getting long in the tooth.

  • 420Razr

Apple Inc.(ompetent) suck that! This is better for my belief in Democracy than Obama getting a second term. Imagnie if the Courts set the fee at $5 pop.. HOW MANY iPhone have actually been produced? I'm presuming there is no cross-over to iPad... hmm may get me some moto-shares..

  • Anonymous

what goes around comes around they're finally getting a taste of their own medicine!

  • Anonymous

here's more copying stunts by crApple.

  • D79_


  • Anonymous

Justice is being served. Finally...

  • Anonym

I would like to add to my previous post something I did not leave crystal clear.

The competitors can always achieve the exact same thing through a different way (one that does not infringe those proprietary tweaks, for instance like what has been happening with the current displays).

On the other hand, Apple can only actually use their tweaks if they first are allowed to use the core technology which those tweaks rely upon.

You can patent an extension to any given technology, but that does not automatically give you the rights to use the technology which you are extending upon (only protects the extensions, not the rest).

That is what most folks are failing to realize in this fight. Apple's marketing department has them, somehow, believing that Apple owns all the innovation.
The reality of the matter is that their innovation is built upon someone else innovations.

That is why you see Apple filling complaints based on looks, shapes and icons. That is mostly what they have.
On the other hand their competitors can start filling complaints on core technologies the moment Apple slips to license one of them.

They have been smart enough not to slip (so far), the real question is how long can they keep up not owning the actual technologies but passing by being their creators.

  • Anonym

cnick, 06 Nov 2012Ok mister smart.I was hoping if you'd get my idea thoug...Your idea was that, somehow, Apple's Intellectual Property (aka patents) would cripple the ability of their competitors in the same way that some of their competitors can cripple Apple through patents.

That assertion is wrong. Apple does not have "full" patents, their patents are mostly tweaks to something else that exists in another form. They are just their own proprietary tweaks/extensions, but the world can work around them just fine (like it has been doing).

On the other hand, Apple relies heavily on the patents of those who actually invented the core technology. Those are the patents that some companies like Motorola have (for instance, to their GSM and CDMA radios).

In short (and applying it to your point), Motorola can do just fine without the proprietary tweaks that Apple made to Capacitive and Multitouch displays.
Yet Apple cannot live without most of their competitors patents, because those are core technologies (not tweaks) which are absolutely indispensable to a phone (is it really a phone if you cannot make calls because you do not have either GSM or CDMA?)

  • spade

well that whats apple do sue everyone :D they got nothing else to do iphone 5 nothing but a bigger screen :p try to ome up with something else iphone people

  • Android_Freedom

Apple to Samsung - You infringed our rectangular icons patent.. Pay us a billion dollar.

Apple to Motorola - We are robbing your patents..dare you ask us for fine. Else we will sue you as well for having a rectangular shaped phone with icons.

Return of Apple Mafia! Lolz