LG explains that the Nexus 4 LTE connectivity is actually a dud

25 November, 2012
Despite having an LTE modem, the Google smartphone lacks some essential LTE hardware components.

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There might be be another nexus with LTE come. May be.

  • Jonathan06.Ph

DAMAGE CONTROL. THey are protecting their precious Optimus G. LTE can be enabled on Nexus 4, thats a fact.

They could not let nexus 4 to beat their own Optimus G.But if they really want to do so,they have to upgrade their UPDATE policy.

Like my brother said...LG + Device + Products = Lies, Lies, Lies and then what? Oh...More Lies...LG Please Just Concentrate on making Fridge and STOP Making Device if you only Making Up Lies!!!!!

  • dude

great strategy LG !

can lg explain the situation about ics upgrade??

  • Anonymous

i doubt it's because lg is trying to protect their optimus g, but rather trying not to get carriers worldwide not to get angry at them

  • paul

Life's not so good after all. Me want HTC nexus five.

Looks like their trying to do damage control. Disabling 4G LTE was a great way to keep the Optimus in favor and if people were able to just fix that than LG would have to start sweating. I am certain that if LG get's its way than they will be able to convince Google to release a small update that completely disables the chip to the point of no return.

  • Anonymous


  • Dick

it works according to the videos poster by the users.
LG is just trying to protect its own Optimus G :)