Samsung starts Jelly Bean rollout for the Galaxy S Advance

07 January, 2013
The Galaxy S Advance has received Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Russia, Nature UX included.

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  • useer

already update my s advance...seriously zoom..pop up play..and others feature..=)

Hows possible Galaxy S advance is updating earlier than Galaxy S2!!!

  • akh

We still waiting for polish relase ;)

  • Kabir

When it will come in india ;-)

  • Anonymous

samsung please the note is the first smartphone who should get the jelly bean then s2 then s advance please think

  • mos ace

hey when will it hit samsung kenya?...eagerly waiting

  • khmer bruce lee

Why there is no the exact firmware for Cambodia? Cambodia is also a developing country in Telecom, and sumsung (andriod is very popular here). Samsung should think about this.

  • Anonymous

But where is one for Samsung Galaxy ace 2? Come on Samsung!

  • Anonymous

Next is galaxy r!!! Yay! :D

WHERE IS the note 1 update ??? , offfffffffffffff

  • Ax

Yea, I got 4.1.2 Update a few hours ago..on Galaxy S3.

  • Anonymous

Very nice! Samsung has learned from their sgs1 ics fiasco. Thumbs up.

Looking forward :-)

  • xLorrens

waiting for the dutch release :)

  • iDroid8

Meet444, 07 Jan 2013Wat bout s2 ?? :-(SGS2 is obv getting it
it cn also get v4.2 officially
most probably update will be in order i9100,i9100G then i9100P

  • iDroid8

jgalvez21, 07 Jan 2013well samsung actually delivering i guess its true the ACE plus a... moreAce 2 is in line, no other ace model has a chipset worthy enough to get updated-they r all single core!

  • iDroid8

kill-for-exclusivity, 07 Jan 2013I doubt this would come to India because ICS update for galaxy ... moreYes it will be
as for the SGR, even the global version wasn't updated due to low sales.....

Strange that it goes before the SGII - Galaxy Advance users write feedback as it hits you!

  • Sam

Good news. i am waiting for (ace 2) android 4.1 !
good working samsung

  • SGS advance

I have been waiting for this