Sony to update the Xperia Z with Android 4.2 JB soon after launch

17 January, 2013
The smartphone is expected to hit UK in March, while a Polish retailer has listed it for a February launch.

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  • droid boy

sony wooooow this one gona rock the market

  • Anonymous

Primark, 18 Jan 2013But it is actually thanks to android (multitasking phone) being ... moreYes.. True for a normal pc environment, because you have the screen size + battery power / ac power to experience the full multi-tasking.

But when your on mobile.. resources are scarce, limited screen size.. battery power is limited, limited device size etc etc. iOS, symbian / WP8 runs with that in mind.. making sure users get the most out of a mobie device.

Here you got android.. that provide you with full multitasking.. but it does not provide you with means to multitask properly (althou samsung made the first move with multiscreen feature..), and consume resources like a PC, that means hardware need to push ever so fast.

I have being waiting for android to provide reliable multitasking since version 1.6.. till now.. they did not even bother to try.. instead give fancy wallpaper widgets... im losing hope.

  • Primark

But it is actually thanks to android (multitasking phone) being laggy at the start that we see the hardware go so advanced, if it was just as smooth as IOS (pseudo-multitasking phone), the jump couldn't have been this enormous, why is it that people still don't realize, that multitasking has its toll and it requires powerful hardware to drive it. my laptop also lags even though it has core i3 inside but that doesn't necessarily mean that windows 7 is a bad OS, it only means I am trying to do a lot of stuffs all at the same time or, the application I am running is a bit heavy on the processor and i3 is more powerful than any SOC on any smartphone yet it lags.

  • Anonymous

Yup limitations of Samsung really showing now, as well as Android. iOS or WP8 are the way to go. Although, if you have to have Android, I would still go for Sony over Samsung anyday.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2013Another enlightened android user! Time to dich lousy android and... moreiOS - sorry la, it was too boring and limited.

WP8 - it was really smooth, I know that, and far smoother than Android, can fight with iOS on smoothness but not for the moment, maybe another version WP9 see how. :)

  • Anonymous

Andrew Tan, 18 Jan 20138 core - I am sure high possibility not that new chip will be in... moreAnother enlightened android user! Time to dich lousy android and go ios or wp8.. because if not .. ur worries of lag and constant lookout for next version of android will continue.

hippoZ, 17 Jan 2013If Xperia Z the best phone in 2013? Well Galaxy S4 will be anno... more8 core - I am sure high possibility not that new chip will be inside. This is common, as new announcing thing will only be there in another year, means not this year S IV.

4GB RAM - haha! You really need to wake up.

Display wise is pretty sure 4.99" not 5.25"

Titanium Case - I no comment on this, it may happen, it may not, possibility is really low.

18MP Camera? hahaha! Why not 36MP better... STOP dreaming and wake up!

** I am Samsung Galaxy S II-G & S III user, Samsung really not impress me, the origin ROM was still lagging, only custom ROM can let it more smoother, and Samsung design was more and more to plastic look. Is time switching now. :)

I hate the design. That's a 5" screen already, yet has quite useless, empty spaces above and below it. Other phones today maximize the front space for screen so it doesn't waste pocket (or purse) space. Users will be dealing with this each day they use the phone. Some manufacturers are even promising edge-to-edge and concept flexible screens might even give us a bit of wraparound.

No point having latest version of os if the bugs can be found everywhere inside it... why sammy fans to obsess making statement that s4 will eat up xperia z in here. Come on guys.. get real..

  • loko

hippoZ, 17 Jan 2013If Xperia Z the best phone in 2013? Well Galaxy S4 will be anno... moreThen, plastic,sub hd, 8 mpx etc

cant wait to get this phone

hippoZ, 17 Jan 2013If Xperia Z the best phone in 2013? Well Galaxy S4 will be anno... moreThe S4 is actually going to have a 4.99 inch screen. And 8 core? Really? That's just laughable. I'm sure it'll most likely have a 12 mega pixel camera and as far as the thickness goes, we'll just have to wait and see.

However, 4.2 is also known as the shittier version of jelly bean, so running on 4.1 isnt bad at all.

Im kinda surprised that GSMarena of all people would not understand the buggyness and how google screwed up on 4.2

  • TMach

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2013Sony makes the same mistake once again. It needs to learn from A... moreFyi, even the Nexus 4 launched with 4.1 and it is updated once you are in the middle of setting it up for use! 4.1.2 is more stable than 4.2, by the way. If you don't like it why feel compelled to make comments....just walk away and go post on another site.

  • TMach

Arsenious, 17 Jan 2013It d be a miracle if this rectangular thing manage to sell even ... moreSounds like you are describing yourself......By the way, troll much?

If Xperia Z the best phone in 2013?
Well Galaxy S4 will be announced in Feb. that far better and more advance than Xpreria Z.
Rumor says the body is made of titanium with 8 core and 4G ram. The display is 5.25" with advance super AmoLED. The body thickness is less than 6 mm.
It has 18MP camera.

  • Sausalito

Sony Mobile France as officially announced le Xperia Z at feb 19 in France.
Price 649 (certainly less than 600 in some online stores).

how much is the estimated price?

  • Anonymous

Sony makes the same mistake once again. It needs to learn from Apple and make the product available a week after announcement, otherwise the hype momentum is lost.

Heck, never mind Xperia Z, where the hell is the Xperia V and all its reviews?

  • Zed

I don't know why people slating this phone for not having 4.2 in the box, atleast 4.1.2 is out the box, i've used samsungs HTC's and iphones and i can honestly say samsung is just cheap tacky plastic thats only decent for apps, phone functionality is horrid even if it has a new android build whats the point if you cant use it properly as a phone, thats why they never surpassed NOKIA until now. HTC is better and yes sony has been behind all these years with android but finally SONY has surpassed samsung in the android handset department, and can you ever sync your samsung using kies to your pc/laptop?? No its not possible cos its horrible its doesn't work, HTC/SONY Sync works everytime