Apple iOS 6.1.2 is out, fixes a single bug

19 February, 2013
Apple has just released the iOS 6.1.2 update to fix Exchange bug resulting in data usage and poor battery life.

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  • Denzo

The lock code trick is actually very useful for someone who has forgotten their password.. its just a shame the internet has ruined a well hidden access for those people whop a re forgetful.

Apple ios7- 200 new bugs !

No fix for the wifi issues? It's all over Apple support community board. I keep getting disconnected and iPad mini keeps asking for wifi password.

Got the update already and it's 27mb.... Not 12

  • Ljem

Yes, I have the 3rd generation iPad and I have a lot of problems with the wifi connection..

  • Peter

Will this update fix the WiFi disabled issue? I'm unable to switch on my WiFi.

  • thoseofunlight

Here is another bug for you, how is it possible that it says 16 hrs to update an only 12MB update? every time it takes at least 4 hrs by the way (4s). When you release an update it should contain more than a new number.

Anybody is there who did jailbreak already and updated to 6.1.2 version? Any issues? Please reply..

tintinman, 19 Feb 2013Apple has no more innovation. They are struggling by now. Now ... morelol dude! your comment is full of joke..Lol

Fix description is not "Fixes and Exchange calendar bug that could result increased....", it is
"Fixes an Exchange calendar bug ....."

  • sooky

There no issues with battery life from the calendar ..Apple always "check there track record" come out with a new update less than 30 days after a jailbreak is released .Its nothing but a way to stop folks from jailbreaking if they super stupid and upgrade

  • Anonymous

My iPad mini keeps on asking password for wifi and signal is poor. Checked Apple support community and wifi issues are rampant with ios 6 and up. Other devices connect to the same routers without issues. Yet Apple hasn't acknowledged this yet. Upgrading router firmware helped for some but who can upgrade wifi routers that aren't yours? A mobile device isn't too "mobile" if you can only connect at home!

  • Anonymous

appless, 19 Feb 2013why fix only one bug? There are still hundreds of bugs in iOS6.Worry about your androids 1 million glitches before you talk about iphones glitches if there is any.

  • Anonymous

appless, 19 Feb 2013By next year when you upgrade to ios7, it will have more bugs an... moreyour talking Samsung.

Ipad mini 1 can support up to ios10. My iphone4s can be upgraded up to probably ios8. stop hating.

  • lol

seriously? this is a bug in iOS? though this is minor but i didnt expect iOS has this very little issue. so lol

Apple has no more innovation.
They are struggling by now.
Now they copied Samsung business model to come out with different size of iPad and iPhone.
This year Apple will release below models:

iPad nano 6.7 inch
iPad macro 11.5 inch
iPhone mini 4 inch (down graded version iPhone5S)
iPhone 5S 4.5 inch
iNote 5.8 inch (copied SGNOTE 2)

  • Anonymous

a single dozen bugs you mean!

ollyb1, 19 Feb 2013am scared to update my ipad 4 to this new update, before on 6.0... moreBy next year when you upgrade to ios7, it will have more bugs and more lag. That's Apple business, they want you to upgrade to the new ipad instead of new ios.

iPhone 4S, 19 Feb 2013What about bug on iiPhone 4S with iOS 6 which the WiFi toggle is... moreGet a Nokia Lumia 920, I did and I'm not disappointed