Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official with new screen and CPU

15 March, 2013
The Samsung flagship sports a 5" 1080p Super AMOLED display, 8-core CPU and a 13MP camera.

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waste of money ..... not worth

Have you noticed that Samsung now becoming like Apple... same old...same old

  • Carol

Himanshuu, 15 Mar 2013also it has features like infrared remote that u ca... moreWOW, yeah... i was remote controlling my tv in 2003 ;) with my 7650 then with my 3650 and psiloc remote. Yeah, got to tell you, this is something really new:)).

  • Anonymous

This thing looks so damn stupid

This year it's Sony's.

  • Anonymous

bies, 15 Mar 2013A Big no-no for me,and they shouldn't copy so much from Htc.too ... moreThe reason Samsung designs phones the way they do is because it helps in the manufacturing process, and when you sell over twenty million phones "S3" you need to be able to pump them out fast, plus I like the light POLICARBONATE feel of the S3, and the S4 will not disappoint, this thing will sell like hot cakes. HTC just stated that they have manufacturing problems already for their HTC One, problem with some of their HARDWARE partners. The S4 has every feature that anyone would want or need, and a 13 megapixel camera with 1. Removable battery 2. Micro SD card slot for up to 64 gigs of additional storage , those last two reason me and millions of others have chosen the S3 and will chose the S4 or any company that listens to their consumers.

  • apple jammer

y apple guys diggin 4 the they need 2 switch .haha

finally the top 3 android brand had release their phone of the year
sony xperia z is the best at all compared to sammy s4 and htc one.
long live sony

  • JMTM

Cant believe some of comments here.
I remember people were bashing iPhone 5 is nothing
special cause it only added an extra row of icons

To me, this is nothing better than S III
The same look but even bigger
(sigh 5" phone am I the only one worried about S V size?)
Plastic material, still physical buttons and ugly tough wiz UI
Seriously whats the poing of having 1080P screen while their UI buttons / layout are all huge like on S 1?

  • nowow

so f* ugly... shame on you samsung despite the great internal... I'm looking forward to see the combination of samsung internal (with sd card slot and big removable battery) but HTC design and build quality...

  • Anonymous

Seriously? again with the ship s3 desing? and copyng features of the HTC ONE...i prefer the HTC ONE over this... the improves in software are not a big deal

  • Anonymous

Slightly dissappointed ...

  • Anonymous

wow! same design, but durable materials and awesome hardware! well it still a good phone at all compare to iphone. nice samsung and btw this is the first time i watch live stream promoting new phone, great innovation!


S4 Way better best Phone In the world
No cons like S3's poor Quality n Looks

also it has features like infrared remote that u can control your tv channels with Samsung galaxy s4...and also its dual camera feature which enables u to click with both cameras at one time.....just awesome...

  • mazdy

The phone will look brilliant once seen up close

Now call all those sammyss who said leaksare fake...crap design

  • Anonymous

Good to see the haters out in force... The truth is that the SGS4 is very close to the best phone available... Nokia and apple don't come close.

S4?#XperiaZ will beat it any day ;-D speaking of #HTCONE wait till Son'y next big thing this may or june :-D Competition ends there ! #Sony

  • Anonymous

new screen and CPU WOOOOOW

and people say Apple don't innovate