HTC One launch delay confirmed, camera and unibody to blame

19 March, 2013
HTC is having trouble securing a supply of aluminum unibodies and camera sensors for the One.

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Tthis Mobile is realy so nice ...i like it,,,

  • Adnan A M

I have been a Samsung fan due to the features and Amoled Screens but S4 sucks big time, bored with Samsung now !! HTC on other hand is doing really great job , i just hope they don't shut down ! I loved HTC Droid DNA and HTC One M7 !

  • lala

Yeah, i was waiting for GS4 before seeing the One. After the gs4 released and that's almost identical with the gs3. Forget about it, nothing news except some hardware upgrade. Honestly the One is a lot more beautiful the gs4, i love alum unibody. So i'll wait for you One.

  • Anonymous

just give up before the fight.... poor htc

I see htc one antutu benchmark in youtube about 26000 and i see galaxy s4 antutu about 27000,,, CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENT ONLY 1000 as you know htc one only quad qore clocked at 1,7 ghz but galaxy s4 have octa core clocked at 1,9 ghz and i think if htc one have octa core and clocked at 1,9 ghz too it will beat galaxy s4 so far maybe about 50000,,,, hahahaha....

i will wait for the best smartphone ever created

  • gigobyte

I am very disgusted by all the comments. Even the most hardcore Samsung fans wouldn't put so much hate in their comments. I don't know what's wrong with you people.

  • Anonymous

not a sammy fanboy, but this is bad news for htc. Hope they rebound quickly.

  • con

Oh c'mon, quit comparing your beloved plastic galaxy with this piece of art. Sammy now have so much more fans and market share, they feel safe now, that's why they don't pay much attention to things such as design and build quality - dumb fanboys will buy it anyways. Samsung is good at marketing, but that doesn't mean their products are the best. Well, in this case, at least.

  • Anonymous

Anon, 19 Mar 2013Still better than that on the S4! There are enough comparisons o... moreGo watch some youtube videos man, Super AMOLED destroys that cheap LCD, it's only good in the gallery because of the bravia software but it's terrible in everything else. it's currently in stock in germany and so in france. You're mad because you spent 650 on that flop which is about to bite the dust when Galaxy S4 is out. Xperia zwashed lol

  • TMach

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013Xperia z is a flop with terrible display. Funny that, given that it is sold out in France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong etc! Keep smoking that crack dude!

  • Anon

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013Xperia z is a flop with terrible display. Still better than that on the S4! There are enough comparisons on GSM. You know what that is your opinion and ignorance is absolutely bliss.

  • Anon

Whilst this is delayed, word on the street is that it will be released in the UK and US with other areas to follow.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013First off it is 4UP as in ultra pixels! Please do not compare Sa... moreXperia z is a flop with terrible display.

  • tried em all

Blaze, 19 Mar 2013I don't understand but why is it if Samsung have problems, the c... moreyou what.... samsung will get blazed even when they've done nothing wrong... just take a peek...ironically the galaxy series's 'cheap plastic casings' has been right up there with the negative points people spit. Fact is all manufacturers come across issues. Maybe having premium casings comes with its own types of issues

  • Anonymous

Mr.Underhill, 19 Mar 2013Hahahaa.. Who's the next big flop now, boys? Not so 'premium' st... moreFirst off it is 4UP as in ultra pixels! Please do not compare Samsung with Sony comparing the XZ with the S4 is like comparing a BMW with a Nissan, the BMW would be XZ by the way.

  • Anonymous

Andy, 19 Mar 2013No expandable memory card and non-replaceable battery were two h... moreLike having their own software worked for Samsung. Whatever happened to Bada OS? All popular Samsung models use Android same as this. I don't need removable battery and whilst memory card option would be nice, it is not an issue with 32gb or 64gb on board. Shhhhhhhhhh

  • Anon

hipstercito, 19 Mar 2013That's why I prefer samsung plastic, maybe looks cheap or not pr... moreWhat short memories we have! I seem to recall the blue S3 being delayed last year! HTC does not particularly help itself given that it is trying to recover considerable lost ground.

  • xperia zzzzzz

thats not problem i want this one cus alittle next..i belive htc and one is perfect phone since now.

  • nssprashanth@gmail

I did say whatever be the reason flaws etc ...etc...I did buy the HTC One...I did wait for the BIGGY....The best comes last ;-).