Tim Cook apologizes for iPhone warranty troubles in China

02 April, 2013
The CEO has apologized for some of their current policies and has updated them in a letter to the customers.

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  • Anonymous

Another apology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????/
It's insane!
They never admit or apologize....
Blame and sue is their game

IMHO if Apple spent less time running around court rooms they would have more time to serve their customers better.

  • Anonymous

He should also apologize for the warranty "troubles" in Europe as well!

  • Anonymous

an iphone doesn't lag because it doesn't do anything but run apps. lol.

an android and windows phone is capable of so much more than that. USB OTG, a radio, running a memory card, these are just a few that an iphone isn't capable of doing.

  • Anonymous

if it hadn't blown out of proportion, they wouldn't have done anything to change it.

same thing happened to Europe I think.

so typical.

Bailey, 02 Apr 2013Sorry i use a Nexus 4 and i dont have lag issues. in fact my 4s... morePerhaps on the Chinese hardware versions, all maps lead to Beijing, inclding Fifth Avenue in New York! You certainly would not want to anywhere based on the Maps that were initally released. What do you mean you only wanted go to 5th Avenue and ended up in Tiannamen Square!

  • Anonymous

the fact is after tge replacement is given then the warranty resets,the consumer potentially swapping the faulty phone every 11 months for the next 30 years.. i dont see what apple has done wrong here?? they have swapped everything else but the back, essentially giving the chinese consumers the same service in the u.s.. only circumventing the chance for the chinese consumer to take an unfair advantage of being able to continue to swap the phone indefinatly

  • psycho gen

Latest innovation of apple..
Proud of you apple..

  • Anonymous

TheWildOne007, 02 Apr 2013Then why does the Galaxy S4 lag so much in the hands-on video, w... morewow 3 seconds thats like forever

Discrimination "Racism" from the start from Apple deal, no surprise with a US corporate company...... Well done China!

Bailey, 02 Apr 2013Sorry i use a Nexus 4 and i dont have lag issues. in fact my 4s... moreThen why does the Galaxy S4 lag so much in the hands-on video, why does it take 3 seconds to open the phone dialer? Is the Galaxy S4 using old hardware, old software, like you are saying? Or maybe it comes with malware preinstalled and google spyware.

Of course you didn't encounter malware, because malware is hidden even from antivirus, it doesn't pop up a message saying "Hey i'm Sergey from Russia and i just installed some malware on your phone, but do not bother with it, it will only run in the background and it only copies your credit card numbers and will only use 5% cpu."

  • Anonymous

Apple is getting destroyed and they know there is nothing they can do about it

  • Tech GeEk

Terry, 02 Apr 2013Discrimination is not tolerable. Totally Agree! This is discrimination based on region.

  • Terry

Discrimination is not tolerable.

Apple is going down :D

  • Bailey

ISJ5, 02 Apr 2013use your common sense because there is no logic in your comment!... moreSorry i use a Nexus 4 and i dont have lag issues.
in fact my 4s was a laggy mess and kept on rebooting itself
and would throw me out of applications and when it was updated
it became on usuable. where as i have enjoyed using my Nexus 4 its be a great experience.

The lag comment is old and could have been thrown at Android 2 years
ago but not now. of course that would mean that you would have to find something else. oh as for malware i have never encounted in all my time of using Android which would be from Eclair so find something new. of course you cant you Apple there has been nothing new since 2007 oh yea siri (Apple waved their checkbook) oh maps lets not go their shall we.

Am i sounding like a Troll yep i doing a you. Because it easy to come into a forum and just troll troll. why cant you just enjoy the OS that you use instead of slaging off a OS that you dont have a clue about. Oh by the way as and Android user i think Apple is an amazing company i just dont like using their phones their not for me but i can understand how other people would like them.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013Its funny with Chinese consumer rights laws, most of their own p... moreThis is just a tit for tat move by the Chinese. They're angry that the US called them out for their sleazy hacking and industrial espionage. They told Xinhua or whoever to find something to use against a large US corporation. Even media watchers in China are surprised by the focus the Chinese media is giving this story. Don't expect the fanboys here to know too much beyond their sill phone fetish though.


china is the second biggest market for apple inc and the selling price here is much higher than advanced countries ,at least they should have the same warranty rules as the west ,so what's the problem ?it's the consumers' right to have the same after sales service ,and when things not go rightly ,chinese people have the rights to do the right things!

  • Tech GeEk

Shame on apple!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I HATE IPHONES-IPADS, 02 Apr 2013is everyone who comments about anything gamareana posts over the... moreI think you should have a long conversation with mummy and daddy about why a phone doesn't determine a person's worth or maturity. And have them change your diaper and give you a nice bottle too. In a few years you might be able to come speak with the adults.