Unaudited Q1 results from HTC show 98% decline in net profit

08 April, 2013
The delayed launch of the flagship HTC One phone hurt the company's Q1 performance.

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i know personally some htc one x+ users switched to lg optimus g pro!

just share ...

  • Anthony

C'mon HTC. I recently joined your ranks last year with a One S. You definitely have the quality here with one. Get your manufacturing sorted. Hurry up and then go make some big noise and beat a loud drum. You can hear how hungry a lot of people are for this. me included. Its about the only time i will dump a phone mid stream to better it with the your HTC One and the 4UP camera is excellent. ONE has got traction. This phone is very professional. Sell your message. Sell your message. Sell your message and get the goods out. Period.

  • luisitox22

HTC vivid was an awesome smartphone that never let me down, i love my one x and have hopes for the ONE (camara has me skeptical but still love it!) vivd camara was superb.

Come one HTC! dumb marketing team...

  • Common_636

Manik, 08 Apr 2013This time ... HTC ticked every aspect of a smartphone with consi... moreyou are either very shortsighted, or you just do not want to criticize HTC on their faults. I will agree that the "ultrapixel" camera is somewhat an innovation etc.

i would not however say that "boomsound" is innovative, its basically putt 2 stereo speakers to the front of the device, thats not rly innovative, its very nice and well thought of but not innovative.

Now for the faults.... HTC could have put abit bigger battery in the phone, given their reputation, the battery might be better than last year's "one X" but it is not that great when comparing to the s4 and the LG pro". HTC should have atleast placed an 8-Ultra-pixel camera rather than the 4, regardless of wat they wanted to do with Zoe, the average non-technie, will just look at it as a normal way below average 4MP snapper.

Also, time and time again customers have been asking HTC for expandable storage, and they purposefully arent doing it.

Sony will surely overtake htc this year

Perhaps if they would listen to what consumers want, they might not be in this situation.
I repeat, stop using tiny batteries! We want enough power to last a day with a good amount of usage.

My GNEX with the extended battery last long enough for me, and added 1 whole mm to the size of my phone and actually made it nicer to hold!

So how about it HTC? How about you stop trying to make the thinnest phone and make the longest lasting?

Hope they will do good when HTC one releases..all the best.....

it is no surprise here really, if they had got the htc to market on schedule it may have looked a bit better then this, however taking into account that the phone was released right at the end of the quarter suggest there will not be much htc one sales accounting for overall profit, this next quarter will be more interesting as it is obviously now going up against the galaxy s4, which no doubt beeat any sales htc hope to achieve without even thinking about it, the phone is very nice but in my opinion lacks a few features that will send people to samsung, but it is personal choice, all the top new phones are very good and in the end its just about whatever fits your life personally,for me, storage and battery are a huge factor, along with bigger screen, media support, camera, weight, and certain apps, i also think that htc needs to market the device better, its OK sticking a 4UP camera, but unfortunately the mass % of people will just hear 4, I even heard this in my local store, the sales guy trying to sell the ultrapixel spiel, and customer being less then impressed with the fact it was only 4, subsequently he got xperia z with the higher 13 number regardless of the tech in the HTC, people are funny and do not like change if they think its for the worse

Android's not doing any good to any other OEM but Samsung and those cheap Chinese phones. And there are some people who want Nokia to go Android? Android is oversaturated already and Samsung has eaten the biggest chunk of Android marketshare. It's just right that Nokia keeps itself away from Android. And HTC should do the same. They should drop Andrpid now and adopt Firefox or Ubuntu if they want to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • ms

4 mp camera, no slot, no gorilla glass3, no big
5 in display, this phone donot have anything I will not buy this phone.

  • gorilla glass

Htc always produce the most intelligent and amazing phone..
In quarter 2 htc will grow up in sales tooo much better..

HTC one is the third best selling device in UK.


Indeed Htc only need to bigger advertise cus it has great potential
for best 2013.
C'mon htc.

  • Anonymous

That is not good at all, lending institutions will stay far far away, and that is not a good thing, same has happened to their supply channels, the END is very near, and HTC has only itself to blame.

  • Tiger

Well, I won't say I told you so, but it seems as though I was right about HTC going down hill fast.

Sid0486, 08 Apr 2013I still think they will post a much better second quarter becaus... moreHTC ONE will not save HTC.

I hope HTC has learned a good lesson.

Fix the naming convention, di associate from BEATs. Putting 15 MP camera, support external memory up to 64GB, big battery 3000 mAh., 5 inch display.

  • Manik

This time ... HTC ticked every aspect of a smartphone with considerable amount of innovation.

Battery life a considerably good , judging the performance of last year devices.
Build and Looks - An area where HTC always lead
4MP Ultrapixel - it should not a negative aspect until we try it and also give HTC a time to enhance its imagechip 2 for better day light picture quality which they have already started.

Boomsound is also a really amazing part and very innovatively thought

Had it been SAMSUNG (like S4) they would have given great h/w package with some good software tweaks . Nowadays Hardware is not much of a competition , in real world no flagship is a slouch by any means, and software tweaks, Roms are always available.

HTC should be applauded for such an effort. Great JOB HTC!!!
Just hoping it is released in India with a good price tag.

HTC has a very poor naming strategy.

Choose to as as associate with BEATs is a huge mistake. BEATs is an over priced product but underperforming.

To put 4MP camera in HTC ONE, a very huge mistake!No one should be blamed except HTC.

Most probably Sony will overtake HTC very soon, only time will tell.

Good luck HTC!

  • Dee

Big mistake on ultra 4 MP camera...to the tech customers...wow ultra pixels!!! and to normal customers....what, 4 MP?????
Plus no memory card slot, non removable battery. Good luck!

  • kamikazi

:( im so sad for HTC :((((
dont worry im going to buy HTC One:!
Only problems about HTC are under-cloaking!

Sid0486, 08 Apr 2013I still think they will post a much better second quarter becaus... moreLOL, yeah right

  • DGAF

Poor HTC lol. It really doesnt matter if the release that pathetic excuse for a phone before samsung becuase people will still wait for the GS4 because its better and smashes the one out of orbit!!!!!!!!1