HTC One update brings further improvements to the camera

25 April, 2013
The update is now rolling out to the international model of the HTC One in Europe.

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problem in my htc one m7 camera

  • Anonymous

Has anyone actually received this new update? I am in Singapore and have been eagerly waiting for this update for the past two weeks. To my surprise, I received a notice for an update this evening but it was a small (17MB) update with message saying it is for system improvements. my software number is now 1.29.707.16 after this small update.

  • Cable

tedleaf, 25 Apr 2013so, update number 7 already, for a phone still not properly avai... morethis very long statement doesn't make sense at all. Not a single Manufacturer listen to customers so why do they need to read threads? some wished an Android Nokia, a glass/metal Samsung, larger screen iPhone w/ quadcores. releasing phones / updates sometimes buggy, as long as they resolve it as fast as they can there's nothing to worry about.

  • Anonymous

From The Verge review on SGS4:

"I don't like holding this phone, and I can't overstate how much that informs the experience of using it. It makes an awful first impression, slippery and slimy and simply unpleasant in your hand."

"Everyone I showed the GS4 to frowned and wrinkled their nose as if it smelled bad, before rubbing their fingers on the back of the phone and then handing it back to me — that's the opposite of the standard reaction to HTC’s One, which everyone wants to ogle and hold."

  • Anonymous

iush, 25 Apr 2013I checked review from all sites including CNET and phone arena a... moreLOL! Lying? You said that SGS4 was clearly superior to HTC One. I simply disputed your statement.

Please read those articles again, none of them conclude that SGS4 is the best, but they all have praise for HTC One.

Take your propaganda elsewhere, its a new era, people are not gullible anymore, especially with quality phones such as HTC One and Xperia Z on the market.

SGS4 ain't a bad phone, but the days of arrogant Samsung fanboys are now dinosaur history :)

  • Uhm

Post below, your spelling would make me 'cray' more then actually owning an S4

samy lovers please dont cray you wel have phone

  • Guy Hero

iush, 25 Apr 2013I checked review from all sites including CNET and phone arena a... moreHTC is Taiwanese & Samsung is South Korean...

how to upgrade?

I would love to see some before/after pictures in full size.

Limited, 25 Apr 2013Or should we say, "gimmik"? even if we compare it to a... moreany side-orders for the plate of hate you just served? c'mon man I've been using this for a week and i think that the camera is much better in real life situations than a camera that you can use to create posters (8MP, 12MP and 13MP etc...) pictures on nights out and around dark places are a lot better, the definition in normal conditions is pretty darn good to me so don't hate mate...

No update yet on the EE version of the HTC One 4G (United Kingdom)

wlighter, 25 Apr 2013Will GSMArena be doing another comparison with this updated firmware?I sure hope so they did it for the S4

  • pantat

[deleted post]10 minutes are much better? How bout the other aspects?

I always think that Galaxy S4 is a toyota corolla with ferrari engine inside. Yet you pay a ferrari price.

HTC One justifies its price. Inside and outside are in the same league in terms of quality. I appreciate how my phone feels like and built like it IS an expensive device.

  • pantat

szymon247, 25 Apr 2013I wonder if it's going to make the camera finally usable..Unless you are an idiot, the camera is definitely useable. Check some wonderful image taken by it on flickr or google it

  • jk

szymon247, 25 Apr 2013Yeah almost 50% better battery endurance on the SGS4.Only standby time is significantly better, in usage over an hour browsing is more benificial (to me)

jk, 25 Apr 2013 moreYeah almost 50% better battery endurance on the SGS4.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2013How about you yourself read more instead of insulting others? ... moreI checked review from all sites including CNET and phone arena and guess what?? You were lying.. All other praised galaxy s4 and the joy of full hd super amoled screen.. The only thing that htc one was praised was for its low light photography and design.. Design doesn't matter much for major people coz in my country, HTC is still unknown.. Like in my country, I suggested me dad yo take htc onex as it was available for low price.. He replied me that he will not buy a cheap Chinese brand..many general people are still unaware of htc..

I wonder if it's going to make the camera finally usable..