IDC: Micromax close to overtaking Samsung in India

29 August, 2013
Besides large screens, the other most sought after feature is dual-SIM connectivity.

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  • Anonymous

robinc, 17 Oct 2014Indian?? Are you joking. Except for the LED tvs every single pie... moreEvery phone make in China

  • Bharath

Micromax..awsme mobile...economic.. wid all advanced why should spoil my money for foregin companies...MAKE IN INDIA...

  • robinc

Indian?? Are you joking. Except for the LED tvs every single piece of electronics used in making these products is manufactured by the chinese. Even the assembly is done there. What good is the company being indian when the product they make is 99.9 percent foreign!?

  • Teja

Micromax is the best smartphone while comparing to other equal smartphones in india,srilanka..,,

  • Karthi

Basically I am support only Indian products, especially mobile so micromax mobile is better than Samsung because budget and features and more full satisfaction by using micromax phone . I like the micromax .......{MICROMAX} Nothing like any things

  • sumit sivan

Micromax is best company in india. smart phones big screen and good feature
Micromax phone best phones
Micromax making always new features phone
world first dockble blutooth phone ( x450 van gogh) making by Micromax.
i big slute Micromax.

  • Ansar

Mmx rocks!!needs a little bit improvement .mmx has now started manufacturing led tv.gr8 commitment.i am sure it will overtake samsung in both tv and mobiles manufacturing..proud to be an indian.salute

  • raj

micromax is best...

  • Hardik Janodia

Micromax Is Best Brand Ever .... But I Love that Brand I trust Micromax Canvas Lite is Better Than Samsung Trend .... Micromax Is Better Than Samsung
M!icromax Rocks..... Micromax Overtaking Samsung.... Happy New Year Now Its For
Micromax-Nothing Like Anything... Indian Brand Is Awesome... Thanks U All

  • rajiv

Ofcourse indian brand should be at no.1, not any other countries brand and micromax is ready with windows phone too. Surely they will be at no.1 by next year.

  • Karan

Karbonn smart phones in Titanium series are awesome.....
I think karbonn smart phones would spread worldwise after samsung

  • vihaan

indian smatphone hurricane mmx

  • Anonymous

mmx rocks frnds n family laugh at me when i said i m going for mmx 8 of 7 in my frnds grp using mmx bro sis dad using mmx ...i m die hard fan of mmx...

  • Webster

Incredible India, Incredible Micromax

  • Vishal

but now micromax has started charging premium on its phones.. . . they have started selling their phones at 3000-4000 more . . eg. canvas4 and doodle 2 . . which are meant to be made available in market at price 3-4k lower than current price

  • gillu

Micromax rocks!!!!!!!!specially in country like India where people are unable to afford the high range smart phones .....but micromax is letting people allow to feel the best of applications @ very economical rates ....the same feature u can get by paying half of the price.

  • harsh

Micromax rocks

  • omg

micromax will very soon take over Samsung.that everyone including Samsung knows.

  • Anonymous

What do you mean when you say hindi market? Many professionals working at multinationals, fashion oriented youth , students any middle class customer would go for a micromax instead of other costly phones. It does not matter after all in tough times like today's. You just need to get the best bang for your buck, You see that's why Micromax has advanced so fast in India, and Karbonn is following the suit. Indians are knowledgable and intelligent customers and value the money. stop telling Hindi, indians are smart and know good english , are well aware of specs. They are making smartest choices. And about copying. Lolz, you should read about samsung and apple fights in courts regarding copying, you better not talk, it's every where lolz ;)

  • ANIL

Now LAVA is also a good brand.. Because i am using iris 504 q it is a really awesome phone. It also give us every type of features like samsung, Nokia , HTC etc. Means the main features is COMPASS and headphone output is really nice. Which facility was not given by MMX.