BlackBerry will cut 4,500 jobs, lose almost $1 billion in Q2

20 September, 2013
The struggling company plans to reduce its operating expenditures by half over the next year.

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if the news offers is true.. then Lenovo should buy BB quickly..

sad sad sad to hear this, is someone forget when they are on the top or they missed something to anticipate android attack, they are late to change their style or feels to high to change till to late, feel sorry to their employee hope the best

  • Bluto

This is a sad news. It's a good news as well. Z10 will be priced cheaper and maybe it will get the spotlight and then boom.. BlackBerry on top of the mountain again!

  • Igor

They should fire their directors, not employees :)

  • Meez

BlackBerry should come on Android OS, then they would be able to survive in market. i love blackberry but the reason behind android makes every thing very easy rather than use such OS.

  • Torch2

Blackberry has one unique chat messenger which makes them different from the others, if they gonna sell their trademark, Identity then why people will buy blackberry in near future... they will go with Android or Iphone as BBM is avaiable on that OS as well, if giving BBM to other OS will bring them back to market then i dont think its really their good decision, it will completely take out blackberry from the market.

BlackBerry should just come with a phone running on Android OS. Don't need to ditch BB OS as in whole but just perhaps launch a few models running on Android. I would definitely be interested in getting hold of one if that does happen

  • PC

ambotnimo, 21 Sep 2013what they need is lower their prices...theres nothing wrong with... moreYou can get the Z10 for $0. Doesn't get much cheaper than that.

  • FZ

ISJ5, 21 Sep 2013I'm currently using blackberry playbook (2010): moreThe PlayBook does not run BB10.

  • PC

joki beer, 21 Sep 2013am a bb owner i love bb i think bb should find the inner side ch... moreSorry dude. I fell asleep half way through your 115 words long sentence.

  • buzz

Dario, 21 Sep 2013BlackBerry Phones are just frustrating with its signature freezi... moreSwitch to BB10 and stop whining.

  • Lenny

Probably the best thing that can happen to Blackberry is the only three OSs pick it clean and get the patents and security systems.

  • Dario

BlackBerry Phones are just frustrating with its signature freezing of the phones. This stupid clock kept spinning at its own pace while wasting precious time. Honestly in this fast pace world peeps don't have the luxury of time for this crap. That's why i'm in the process of switching to other brands that are more reliable.

  • Aleeha

if black berry want to servive they should increase the quality of their smartphone and reduce the price other wise by by black berry

joki beer, 21 Sep 2013am a bb owner i love bb i think bb should find the inner side ch... moreI think you should find a better keyboard.

just give up n leave

  • LamiaLove

tadam, 20 Sep 2013Just a prediction: Google will buy BB. MS will try, but Goole wi... moreWhy would they try to buy Blackberry?

  • Anonymous

blackberry has gone

  • Ex. BB user

To fully utilise all functions , customers still need to pay for certain package , plus the platform software is not really a friendly user interface ...personally i believe that these are the main factors customers go away from BB ....i was one of them till 3years ago...

  • joki beer

am a bb owner i love bb i think bb should find the inner side child of his costumers the os ten isn't bad but if they can add some more gadgets like a water interface on the welcome screen make the phone more fun to use the bb z10 is more in the way for serious people it is not bad but there are more costumers who like to see more stof do more fun things whit there phones perhaps bb should make 2 types of bb one fore business people and one for the dally regular people bb comeone i no you can do it pull youre self together you got the potential