Nokia N95

Nokia N95

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  • Arcturus-ad astra

Nokia is the definition of perfection...

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  • 13 hours ago
  • 3A4c

can i ask, where can i buy this unit, i need it, here in the philippines

  • DiDeE

Even old but it's always bold

  • Mr Apik

This phone good for music player because got dual mono speakers. But the camera can't beat C901 5 Megapixel

Miss the good old days meeen!!!!

  • Hammad Uppal

had Lot of mobiles, but Still miss my N95

  • Mehmood

Best mobile ever i love it

  • jthug

definatly agree best phone ever and can step up to any other smart phone still

Naeem, 16 Sep 2015Nokia N95 is the best phone i ever use. it is the complete smart... morei agree

  • Naeem

Nokia N95 is the best phone i ever use. it is the complete smartphone of its time.otherwise i am using this phone until now and i am very HAPPY with this.

One of the most complete phone of its time, no one was able to touch its crown for years. It can still be used. Got few cool features, TV-Out + Infra-Remote Controls are rare now. Used it for 4 years, something that Apple/Samsung/HTC/Huawei/Sony can't give these days. Thank you Nokia! You created a gem.

  • Anonymous

Its the best phone. I used it almost 6 years from now. The best part is i can download anything for free regardless of how many mb or gig the file is. Thanks nokia.

  • Anonymous

aafi, 22 May 2015awesome phone! I'm still using this precious cell phone,i'd lik... moreLol

  • Anonymous

net speed??

  • nicholas88p

Youtube application doesn't work anymore.

  • amos

splendid perfomance,,,, its a computer and phone and a half,,,, nokia pls release a laptop now

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2015Is there anybody who is still using this phone in 2015? I have been using this since almost 6.5 years now. And it is giving me a lot of problems lately. I think it's time to change it.

  • nokia lover

Android Authority, 15 Jun 2015Nokia is is nokia

  • pWoliYAN

yes good phone but im always getting problam at its strip after three or four times changing strip i get disgust and sell at cheap rate ,any one els getting that problem?

  • Nicki Andrewz

its akind of great phone coz i have used it for two years.
Its a great phone