Sony Ericsson W880 review: No catch, plain thin

06 February 2007
Sony Ericsson W880 is the newest addition to the Sony Ericsson Walkman line. Nothing uncommon here, we’ve seen lots of those. The most unusual thing about it though is its form factor – an ultra slim bar-shaped handset with plenty of cool features to offer. Take 3G network support, add a 2 megapixel camera, spice it up with a M2 memory card slot and Bluetooth and finally put it all in the slimmest shell possible and you will get a great result – the Sony Ericsson W880.

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  • Praveen

I have this model but now i got message form this mobile
inactive sim

What can i do?

  • Anonymous

Sometimes it is just not possible to remove aName from the Contact list.

Can someone help me do that?

  • GiGi

where is this model made in china? original

  • R

Look people i want to buy this w880 so plz tell me if its good and plz dont lie!!!!!

  • Tavleen

Robyn, 10 Feb 2008I've had a W880 since July, the batteries ruined, lasts a day if... moreU Said that your screen gets scratched.U can get a screen cover which goes over the screen and doesn't get scratched.

  • Tom

P, 07 Dec 2007Does someone know if its possible to load wikipedia mobile versi... morelook up wapedia

  • maz

i see people complain about the sony ericsson w880i about it having no radio what is the point as its a walkman phone i dont want to listen to the radio when i can do that at home on a stereo

  • zulu zu

ive got a w880i and its the best phone around i think defanetly better than the lg viewty (viewty is crap if u scratch it ur buggerd and its massave) bgut any way i cant get the front camera on my w880i working can any one help!!!!!

  • Robyn

I've had a W880 since July, the batteries ruined, lasts a day if I'm lucky without any phone calls, just a few texts. The speaker is tinny and sounds terrible. The screen is really susceptible to scratches, and the camera is rubbish, my K750 was loads better. It has a couple of issues with software crashes and not ringing sometimes too.
Saying all that, I love the way it looks, I find the keypad really good for texting (but I do have small hands), and everyone else I know thinks it's great (but then they don't have to live with it!).

  • giwrgos

Excuse me, no radio???????????????
What about W580i?????????????????

  • Anonymous

no radio?
and SE dare to call this handset a music phone?
this phone is a joke.
all walkman phone is a big joke.
even said that the walkman series fall down behind Nokia XpressMusic and Samsung Ultra series.

  • P

Does someone know if its possible to load wikipedia mobile version to the W880i? If yes how.

  • Anonymous

To Dirtysunshine:

Go to Settings -> Display -> Clock Size -> Large

  • no name

trust me! you dont ewant the w880i - it has No FM - so its not realy a music phone then , isit. it has no light for the camera! it aint got much of a good camera compared to w850i - they seem to be getting down graded, atm anyways... i have the w850i and the w880i - the 880 has tiny buttons... lucky i didnt get surgery for pointy fingers.... whislt the 850 i use all the time its easier to use compared to the 880 the music quility seems to be better on the 850 anyways.

  • Dirtysunshine

Hey!just wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to set the clock in the display to the large semi-transparent version please?! thanks!

  • brent

For me when it comes to camera(no autofocus types),both are good in crisp images but the W880i lacks of LED flash unlike W850i still the images are the same but there no flash for the W880i when you want to use it in the dark.
W850i=====>radio,2.0 Walkman player,Track ID recognition,LED flash,has a infrared,kinda bulky but its size is normal to sliders,Less expensive than a W880i,1GB pro duo,both are loud,larger tft screen.
W880i=====>no radio,2.0 Walkman Player,Track ID recognition,Slim design,doesn't have a flash,it has no infrared.more expensive than W850i.1gb pro duo.Both are loud.smaller tft screen.
i hope this may help you.

W610i and W810i have minor differences so there's no problem with that,rather than design and size. this review is just my opinion.

  • Dan

I currently own a W850 and i have a radio on it.. the radio icon is on ur music .. Access the menu and then middle at the top shud be a music sysbol.. click on it and there it should be a radio ...

  • bons_q

Its true, the keypad very small and it is very uncomfortable for me. Overall it is a good phone, but what are they thinking about the small keypad. Very weak point of W880 and the other same SE trend design.

  • Anonymous

how can the keypad be comfortable...the review is flawed..i tried pressing it and it is really is only nice to see

  • nba

one month ago i bought ericsson w880i. Suddenly it stopped ringing. i can not hear the music