Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II preview: Second encounter

13 April 2011
Having earned its place in the Android hall of fame, the original Galaxy S can start thinking about retirement. And these won’t be thoughts of fear and worry. With a replacement on its way, the veteran can look forward to getting the respects it deserves...

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  • Fongy

"burn in" problems - is this were the images burn onto the screen?
I have to say, I've had my Galaxy S for 12 months now and there's noticeable burn of the icons in the top right corner where the battery / signal icons are...
I've emailed SPB technical to see if they can remove status bar to prevent this - at least you can use ADW to remove it if required.. but it is quite noticeable..

  • jitu

Samsung Galaxy S II is Officially Announced in India. You read the title right and probably must have figured that out through our Live coverage on the Samsung Forum event in New Delhi. The Galaxy S II is officially launched in India and unless you’ve already purchased your handset from the grey market or called for it from abroad, you ought to be excited about this smartphone. Now only the pricing of the Galaxy S II has been left and looking at how things are shaping up, it won’t be too long till we get information about that as well.

  • Laurynas

I love to argue, 14 Apr 2011I am using phone with super AMOLED screen (for over 10 months). ... moreThanks for your reply, it was more adequate than some of other ones. :)

  • guitruong

@GSMA: have you tested the audio quality in reading and recording?
I often use my Nexus One when I'm in a gig and the audio recording is so crappy!
I'm alway totally jealous from Iphone4 owners who have such a perfect video/audio recording even in very stressing conditions!

Laurynas, 14 Apr 2011Yes, I agree with you. I understand that maybe I was to fast tal... moreI am using phone with super AMOLED screen (for over 10 months). "Burn in" problems are present in some phones but they are (very faintly) visible ONLY when your screen is totally filled with blue colored background. It is not visible in any normal circumstances. Super AMOLED screen is the best and burn-in problem shouldn't stop you from buying one.

  • Anonymous

Great phone to buy this year!!!

  • Fongy

As a sidenote to battery...
The one thing that appears to be the killer for my G1 is data usage...
If you turn 3G off - it'll last hours without a % loss - as soon as widgets and apps start accessing - it kills it...
Juice defender definitely helps!
But this is a problem for all smart phones... not exclusive to G1...

  • Fongy

What can I say?
I'm looking to upgrade soon and this phone is definitely the one to beat!
And just as a sidenote about Touchwiz - like many people say - you can download whatever U.I. (user interface) you like with Android, some people like ADW, some Launcherpro - personally, I forked out the money for SPB Mobile 3D - works SUPER SMOOTH on my Galaxy S and just looks the dog's - as well as being really functional (with automatic named folders, 16 screens, etc.) it's amazing. And to think I can transfer it straight on to this... very nice!
Yes, it's a boring design (all Sammy phones are)...
But who cares? with a phone this thin - it definitely means you can buy a nice case (personalise it a bit)for it and it won't make it too chunky...
I was torn between this and the EVO 3D when it comes to the UK, but I think I'll stick with Sammy (they have software supported the Galaxy S BRILLIANTLY by the way - if you're worried about software updates...)
Are there any other phones that you guys think will come close? or should be considered!!?

  • majot tom

when it will be release here in uae? i hope by 1st week of may..... =)

  • ThorFolkore

GSMA Team, even before your full review appears, you've convinced me once and for all to purchase the SGS2!!! I was deciding between this baby and the HTC Sensation since I've never used both Samsung and HTC before so this would be my first experience with either company. I'm so excited for this monster's release - although I won't buy it right then. Will wait just a few months (up to half a year at max) until the price drops to more manageable levels first.

Cod3rror, 14 Apr 2011Amazing hardware! Probably the best for 2011. Samsung has really... moreYou read this is a PREVIEW, right?

If you check the previous Galaxy S reviews here, you'll find all that is mentioned though. So I'm sure they will write about it in the review.

  • Luke

Please Gsmarena, include extensive GPS testing in your reviews (at least 2 tests per phone - car & pedestrian mode) . Apparently most of the latest Android phones have issues with that and without such testing no review can be trusted.

  • rzvwien

Looks like the only downfall of this great phone is, like always, BUILD QUALITY.

  • Portland

This is the link for world releases of Samsung galaxy s2. http://samsunggalaxys2review.o...elease-dates

RONALD, 14 Apr 2011TouchWiz 4.0 is the only downfall of this great phone :( HTC'... moreIf I don't like TouchWiz then I'll change skin... I'm not going to HTC's crappy screen.

joonius, 13 Apr 2011I think I just fell in love with TouchWiz 4.0 home screens. Perf... moreTouchWiz 4.0 is the only downfall of this great phone :(

HTC's Sense 3.0 is good :)

  • Ruan

GS2 owned the other brands after the new benchmark testing with the 1.2Ghz dual core processor

I m Little bit worried about the battery backup , usually most of the andriod Phones are Battery Killers ... Hope the same does not happens for this phone ... Any one using this Phone can u please tell me the battery backup Status

SGM, 14 Apr 2011You realize that Android lets you pick any launcher you want, right?That's so true! I'm using the Experia Arc Launcher on my SGS.

  • george7a

What is the SAR for this great device?
I hope it is a low one like the Galaxy S