Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II review: Brightest star

13 May 2011
It looks like the point where it all ends. A galaxy outgrowing its own limits. An explosion of energy and speed. An overdose of smartphone power. A phone that makes you love the smell of Android in the morning. The likes of Samsung I9100. Update: Samsung Dive overview added...

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anonymouse, 14 May 2011be sporty man!!! Samsung has created a plastic monster like this... moreThere is always a trade-off: Either you get a metal casing or plastic. Both have their advantages/problems. This is a matter of individual choice. I personally don't like metal casing. Used HTC and also Wave (which is one of the rare Samsung phones with metal back cover). Did not like it very much. Again, it all subjective. I like my phone to be light. You are free to decide if you want this or you can go for Sensation/iPhone if you want metal. Definitely nobody can force you. For me, functionality and features matter most.

  • EskeRahn

Ghee what a review!
All pluses, and only complains about trifles!

Now if Samsung would only make a 3.5" variant still WVGA (with higher ppi), that was one hand operable I would buy it on the spot!

...Oh and could they PLEASE make a replacement backplate where the 'blurp' of the extruding camera where extended to the sides, making the phone stable and not wobbling on a table...

  • Anonymous

Bricked, 13 May 2011A true geeks delight. I'm not surprised that this is selling so ... morethe n86 dual led flash was terrible for me, it came out the most yellowsih flash light and cause the subject to light up greenish, and I already throw it away!!!

  • kz

Main disadvantages:
All-plastic body
No dedicated camera key
Super slim body has poor grip when taking pictures

These are the only disadvantages of the phone?? WOW!! Surely it would be my next phone. Good one Ssmsung!!

  • Anonymous

Although the hardware of SS2 is average but i will buy it too!Thks gsmarena review.

  • Halil

This is a great review but I have only one question. In the review I saw that the recording format for 1080p was mp4 but when I record movies it's always in the 3gp format. Is there a setting to change this?

  • Anonymous

that was unbiased review unlike some other websites.gsmarena is a website to trust

  • Z

Does it have the screen off CRT animation? =D haha

  • want this phone

damn this phone is perfect !!

  • hari

i have been an iphone person..... but after watching the reviews of Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II on youtube, damn...... sgs is way too awesome !!
usb on the go is a brilliant feature. i love it, aint waiting for iphone 5, getting sgs 2 ver soon...
pretty expensive in msia, but i guess its worth it!!!

  • auni

Anonymous, 14 May 2011Agreed that this phone has raw power to handle heavy apps and vi... morealready the phone is costly and if they had worked harder for the body too, i guess the price would rise to such a level that buying this phone would become a luxury(to some it already is a luxury, dont u think?)..

Greatest review for the greatest phone!

  • z

no battery test? suck.

the disadvantages only 3 of them? woooww...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2011Agreed that this phone has raw power to handle heavy apps and vi... moreWe have free will to purchase what smartphones we want. if you hate SGSII then dont buy it...

  • emankcin

How about 200 billion stars since we're talking about a "galaxy"?

  • Anonymous

qwerty man, 14 May 2011we need and want a similar model, which also has a side-sliding ... moreI agree with you, qwerty-man.
i am currently using a full touchscreen Samsung i9003 Galaxy.
the screen is responsive and comfortable, but still, something' missing.
i prefer the real physical keyboard with real feedback.
i hope Samsung will release Galaxy S2 Pro with real QWERTY keyboard.

  • Raj

This is an amazing phone 360, but someone explain to me why on earth these phone makers think its a good idea to drop a dedicated camera button? We need that to stop, thin is awesome but taking a picture without a hardware key feels really awkward.

  • Anonymous

very comprehensive review, thanks GSM Arena!
your reviews help me decide which phone should I buy next.
can't wait for the next SGSII review with the battery consumption test.

  • Anonymous

Agreed that this phone has raw power to handle heavy apps and videos but what abt gaming???
60 fps on a dual core sucksss... why don't they do it any better? And why don't samsung make their touchwiz any better ??? Touchwiz as usual looks very much cluttered like a 2yr old child's drawing...
And last and not the least design and body material... why would someone want a phone so much pricey with a copied design(even after copying iPhone this phone looks yuck...) and body made of such a cheap material ???