Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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  • Wolfman

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015Need a cable from galaxy ace to pc. Bought 1 from sainsbury's, b... moreThe GT-S5830 uses a standard USB to microUSB cable for connecting to a PC. I personally use one which came with a USB power bank (external battery) that I picked up at a dollar store.

It sounds like your phone has USB debugging enabled. What this means is that instead of a USB mass storage device which the OS has generic device drivers for, your phone will be detected as an Android device and thus you are prompted to provide drivers (Android Debug Bridge).

To disable USB debugging on the GT-S5830:

Settings -> Applications -> Development
Make sure USB debugging is not checked.

After that, connecting the phone to the PC with the cable should not cause any prompts on the PC, but should display the USB connection on the phone in the top left corner. Touch the USB connection status icon and pull it down, then tap on "USB connected" to open the USB Mass Storage" screen. Tap "Connect storage to PC" and then "OK", to make your phone storage available on your PC.

  • trishb

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015Need a cable from galaxy ace to pc. Bought 1 from sainsbury's, b... moreall you need is a samsung or blackberry usb cable

  • Roni utama

How to turn on infrand camera

  • Anonymous

Need a cable from galaxy ace to pc. Bought 1 from sainsbury's, but comes up with a message "please insert disk u got with device. NO DISK came with cable. apparently i need something thats CDC Abstrat Control Model (ACM) CDC ACM Data. How do i get a disk, so then my cable can be compatible with mobile/pc? Windows can't find driver software for divice. Any ideas?

  • joy

When I turn on my phone it will only stay at the Samsung logo. It doesn't go to the homepage I've been trying to on and off it again but it just stay like that for a couple of hours. What should I do?

  • ace bitch

can i install jeallybean on ace ? or it will be laggy ?

  • Wolfman

ahmed, 19 Oct 2015in my Mobile, to contact with any person,Telephone closes lighti... moreTap on power key to end calls when the proximity sensor is enabled.

  • ahmed

in my Mobile, to contact with any person,Telephone closes lighting do not know how close the call until the call ends and then lights up again
I want mobile that closes lighting when bearing on the ears and lights up when kept him out of my ears
We do not know a solution to that problem

  • sithu

nice phone
but, high size apps will not work in this phone

i have a doubt
gingerbread software will upgrade??

please go nearest samsung service centre get it fixed easily !! the software must have got errors roughly 5 to 6 $

  • Anonymous

I bought about 4yrs ago and its working absolutely fine.
No problem has been noticed in this phone till now.
At that time i got it for 10000.
So i prefer that instead of this phone u can get many other good phones with better specifications.
Ultimately,its your choice....

Looking for answer. A friend has this phone, last week everything disappeared from it. It will turn on, gives the logo but goes no further. Does anyone know what has happened.

  • Wolfman

Roughly two years ago I bought one of these used, in mint condition, for $50 (Canadian). Today the same model, in the same condition, goes for $40 (Canadian) at the same shop. This would mean that it is currently worth roughly 26.80 euros, or a little under half of the 55 euro price posted by Anonymous.

Options for this phone are extremely limited by its age and hardware specs. Primary upgrades I would recommend are adding a microSD card to increase storage capacity, and purchasing a higher capacity battery (2000 mAh or more). Shell type cases can be difficult to find depending on location, but pouch type cases to fit it can be found almost anywhere. It is also important to note that some apps require a newer version of the Android OS, so this phone may not be a viable choice in some cases.

For light phone and texting usage, it does fine. For moderate to heavy phone and texting usage, look for a newer (2013 or later) phone.

As a backup camera, it does fine. For higher quality photos, look for a newer (2013 or later) phone, or get a camera.

As a web browser, it will get the job done if you are in a pinch, but you will find the larger and higher resolution screens on newer phones to be vastly better.

All that having been said, the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is still an excellent phone for travelers and/or emergency use. The (currently) low cost makes it almost disposable, yet it offers the basics of phone/texting/email along with the capability to play music/videos and run numerous apps. Mine is used mainly as a portable GPS (maps stored on micro SD), but it also sees use as a media player, wifi phone (SIP), and emergency cel phone.

  • Bagheera

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2015i want to buy it for 55 euros . i don t want a very good smartph... moreI looked into buying this phone about 3 years ago. The RAM or storage space (either or both, I forgot) are a bit too cramped. It doesn't take too many apps to run out of it.

My advice, at least go one better. Like the Ace plus or Ace 2. They have room for apps, and while obviously it will not be a speed devils, they are more usable even if you have a few more apps. Do have a good look at whether Whatsapp is still supported though, if you find that important.

Other than that, I cannot tell you of 55 is a good price.

  • sothy

very good phone to use battery.

  • Anonymous

i want to buy it for 55 euros . i don t want a very good smartphone, just a phone for the basics :phone,message,camera and a little browsing

should i make this purchase or it isn t worth buying ? thanks you

  • menna z

a nice phone, been with me for 4 yrs now, has every thing u need in a phone just miss a front camera and a bit slow compared to new phones

  • Anonymous

pocket data lost on my phone how do i recconect

  • Anonymous

Why is my photos coming out sideways when previewing them. Also camera no longer zooming. Any ideas?

  • deep

Useless phone...too much hanging prblem....