Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • zummer

Hi! I had my samsung note II but then it had lcd problem, so I bought a samsung j7 now. but then it also has lcd problem now, what will I do? The samsung j7 is still covered in warranty service. does that mean they can fix it free? and why did j7 presented problem like this when in fact i didnt even dropped it or something. is samsung really has sensitive lcd. LCD replacement is so pricy

  • venkat

juniorwoode21@gmail., 17 Apr 2016i don't know how to make conference calls This phone great work super fast on net I like very much

  • jj

getting bored with kitkat ..may anyone give idea for how to root for 4.4.2 der any problems caused after rooting it...regarding hardware or operating system..please let me kno frnds..thnks..

  • Jukbo

I still have my Note II (T-889 T-Mobile) with Lollypop 5.1.1 CenOS and this phone rocks after 3.5 years!! but I have no reasons to spend more money in a new one... Is superfast and refuses to die. In addition it has a case that keeps it like new. If it were a non removable battery one it never had lasted 3.5 years!

  • Alejandro_DR

Don't flash a custom ROM on this. All the S-Pen apps would be lost (they're Samsung propietary and they're not on the Play Store) and also the MHL TV-Out stops working :(

  • El_Zato

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2016this is 4gThe 4G version for AT&T is called Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-i317. Surprisingly, its specifications are NOT here in gsmarena :/

  • Anonymous

this is 4g

  • juniorwoode21@gmail.

i don't know how to make conference calls

  • elle

Does anyone have problems that they can't send video messages?

  • Nunina

hey, can you tell me SAR of body (EU) for this Note2? Tnx

good smartphone strong too and better than note 3 in strength and os stability and battery life-time

  • chilaski

I just love the screen size and after upgrading ma phone, it's been running smoothly. It perfect for playing games - fifa 14 to fifa 16, Real racing 3, WWE immortals, etc. I will like to see an upgrade to 5.1 or 6.0. though.

Please do not buy it because Samsung company do not provide us new update however they provide 4.4 kitkat

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2016i regret my money gone begging, worst phone ever, firt battery d... moreThis is a best mobile

  • This Guy&#128128

This phone is awesome!!! Been using it for four years or so, and not planning to buy a new phone until this thing died.☺

after 39 months of mostly satisfaction .. my n7100 died (not really it still working but accidentally dropped for the xxxth Time .. but this one cracked the glass screen & where i live fixing this matter is expensive & unworthy) ... truly a remarkable handset .. i owned galaxy pro & S2 before N7100 & they were nightmares .. after samsung declared there wont be lollipop update .. i rooted mine & removed the bloat software ... results was WOW ... time to move to another handset


I using Note-II since the year 2012 December. It is good but little bit slow in opening applications. There is any possibility to upgrade Software?

  • Anonymous

Don't listen to what he said, it's not true. 4.4.2 is totally fine and actually makes it go a bit faster. His Note 2 is probably cluttered with some unwanted apps.

  • Anonymous

Simran, 08 Apr 2016Hello Frnds I want to know about the best version for Note 2 i a... moredo. not upadate ur ph many issues in ur.future the 1st prblm is drain ur battery fast then the 2nd is wifi prblm many issues in upadate on 4.4.2

  • Simran

Hello Frnds I want to know about the best version for Note 2 i am using it from last 2 yrs jelly bean now am boored so tell me about the best Rom and the Version t0.......