Sharp 770SH

Sharp 770SH

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  • astracan

i just buy it today. It seems to be a good phone, stylish and good equiped soft for a daily use.

  • petran

does anyone know how long the battery last?

  • Anonymous

This phone is like a 3G version of the Motorola RAZR V3... looks sophisticated, basic features. The screen is AMAZING though!

  • eliphas

oh, you got one? cool, can you tell me a few things:
1. picture quality, good? autofocus?
2. sound: is there an equalizer for the mp3?
is it just preset eq or can you really treat the sound like say, sony ericsson phones?
3. how long does the battery last?

  • margarita!

to be honest,sharp must improve a lot of can play mp3s but only 5mb? thank god there is memory-card!i have this sharp and i am quite satisfied.also it could be 2mpx than 1.3!althougth.good try sharp. from thessaloniki-greece.

  • margarita papadopoul

i think sarp 770sh is the most elegance mobile i have seen. disadvantage: only 5mb???

  • Anonymous

No radio tuner -- 770SH/705SH

  • elilphas

does anyone know if the european version have a radio tuner?

  • eliphas

Ok, it's coming soon in Switzerland: End of june.

  • insky

it would be nice to have someone who bought this babe a review. still, can't wait for the japanese version to come out, the 705SH has a 2MP camera which is much better. Still, curious about this one.

  • naz

handset out today in all UK Vodafone stores. Very good handset

  • al

i thing dat sharp is the best make of phone out there apart from motorola overall the sharp 770sh is an amazing phone and i got it free on contract in britain

  • Anonymous

I can't download any games for this handset.....what am i doing wrong as i had no probs with my motorola

  • mapi

grazie for the information. yep, it's written 299 euros in there. now, let's see the release date, apparently it's not out yet...

  • salgia

hi mapi
The italian vodafone site isn't update. For example sharp gx-29 is out in Italy for April and only now is on the site of Vodafone Italy.
You can see the Vodafone's mobile phones here:

  • mapi

hi where did you see the 770SH for 299euros in italy? it's not even advertized on the italian vodafone website, or am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

Sharp 770sh is avaible in Italy at 299 Euro!
colours black e silver.

  • SS

Japanese Model 705SH has better camera (2MP) and macro mode. Yet still CMOS.

But strangely, we can claim this model, 770SH is the original one!

I like the design. Give us colour variations and this phone could be a hit!

  • brittney york

what can i say, sharp? go, boy, you´re the man, go!

  • naz

the phone is gonna be on sale in vodafone uk stores in May. Available free on most contracts or box only £150. Very good value id say.