Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

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  • Joe

It's the best to use

  • Anonymous

My phone has developed a fault were I can only make and answer calls if I put it on speaker, which is a bit a problem if in the middle of your office or a pub. Any advice please.

  • gops

hey i am gops how to update gingerbread to xperia x10 a if some one knows please let me know??????

  • Sumcious

i dont know what happen to my fell from my pocket and i try to ON it,but it just blinking red light at the top of the phone not displaying anything on the phone.

  • Anonymous

ani, 27 Nov 2014hw to update the phone simple?i bought one recently but the screen wont come on what can i do x10i

  • Anonymous

hangs alot !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

how to see history

  • Anonymous

my Sony ericsson restarts even with a memory space of over 4.5Gb

  • tygah smiggle

av gat problem with my xperia x10i,it can't capture photos nor record,what might b the problem

  • clovis clov

jomar orais, 25 Feb 2015how i can move my apps to sd card ?? cause i want to downdoal s... moreyou have to downlaod an apps like DU SPEED BOOSTER and installe it after open it then go to apps manager and apps tkp .then you will see move apps to sd

  • Anonymous

my x10 cannt install sent applications via bluetooth

  • matthew seun

pls how xan I update from 2.1 to 2.3

  • francis

I was used sony ericsson X10
but it fail to connect to youtube,what is the problem?

  • Tanmoy

I have Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Two days ago I faced its battary problem. today I went to Sony Service Center - Address: SONY CENTER, 188C RASHBEHARI AVENUE KOLKATA - 700029, India. They clearly told me this mobile is now useless. Sony already closed this model's any service related issues - with very rude manners. I asked her (I spoke there with a lady) again and again how I can solved my this mobile's battery related problem. But she told me clearly - they had nothing to do. Lastly, I told her - then can I keep it in my socase? I got replayed its up to you. Now, My only question is "All Sony Ericsson products are use & throw products"? or if I had any misunderstand or anything like that please response me at I Have full faith on Sony Ericsson products, please don't destroy it.

  • mzobe

my experia x10i have lcd problem and idnt knw where cn i get t.. Plz hlp

  • Lolla

Does anyone know how much to put new LCD in? My phone fell! Super sad!

  • ikaybassy

pampa, 18 Feb 2015how to unlock my phone Sony Ericsson is the first phone my father but for me when I was 16 year because I work heard I school. And since den I started using till now. After that when I was 21,i but one for my self.i love sony

  • Anonymous

my Xperia 10 just blacked out and it doesnt power any more

  • Anonymous

jomar orais, 25 Feb 2015sony ericsson xperia x10 can be upgraded to jelly bean ? Yes it can be but only through custom ROMs. Don't go that way if you don't know about rooting or flashing. I am currently using Jelly Bean 4.1 on my xperia x10. Its slow but usable. If you decide to go that way then xda-developers is full of resources.

i'm using for lzt 5 years awesome phone but its hardware prblm make bad otherwise suprub phone :-*