Android in January 2011: 90% of all droids are now on ver2.1+

04 February, 2011

Google published their monthly report on the Android platform versions distribution and revealed that 90% of all droids now run 2.1 Eclair or later. January saw 2.2 Froyo rise to 57.6%, while 2.3 Gingerbread still struggles to make an impact.

Compared to December, Froyo gained another 5.8% of market share, which also makes it the currently fastest growing version. The Google Nexus S-exclusive Gingerbread doubled its market share, but that only took the OS version up to a share of 0.8%.

Android 2.2 is on top

It was Android 2.1 Eclair that took the biggest hit in the first month of 2011, slipping by 3.8% to a market share of 31.4%. The long outdated 1.5 Cupcake and 1.6 Donut too lost some ground and now account for 3.9% and 6.3% of Android devices respectively.

We are expecting the Android 2.2 Froyo share to reach its peak in February, after which will probably start shrinking to make way for the Gingerbread that should hopefully hit more and more devices.

Android 2.2 is on top

Based on current rates 1.5 Cupcake and 1.6 Donut should become extinct in about 3 months. we highly doubt they will fully go extinct as Motorola and T-Mobile US just canceled the promised Motorola CLIQ XT 2.1 update, which leaves it stuck at v1.5. You can follow Motorola's software upgrade path here but we would take it with a pinch of salt from now on. Way to go, Moto! Who needs users trust anyway!