A gang of smartphones meets up for a microscopic display shootout

20 April, 2011

Now that is something refreshing - using a microscope to compare the different types of screens used in today's smartphones. Thanks to an industrial microscope at a 201x zoom, you can really grasp the differences between the Super AMOLED, Super LCD, LCD and IPS LCD displays.

This little Flash-based tool, courtesy of Székely Zoltán, is pretty straightforward to use. You just click on a phone to the left of the LG Optimus 2X (set as a constant), then click on the Android Market icon and enjoy seeing what makes the screen what it is.

Click on any of the phone thumbnails below to view a display comparison at microscopic level:

Having an industrial microscope lying around, Székely Zoltán has decided to do a super detailed 360-view of the HTC Incredible S and the LG Optimus 2X. Using the two flash tools below, you can click on the hot spots to see in great detail the materials used to make the certain parts of the phones. Don't forget to click the arrows on the top to turn the phone.

Click on any of the hotspots below to view it in microscopic detail. Use the arrows in the top corner to turn the phone around:

HTC Incredible S

LG Optimus 2X

Thanks, Székely


Reader comments

  • maanu

As it says, microsopic display...it would have been good if you would have done a point to point comparison, like microscopic view of screen icons, pictures and playing video...huh

  • Kromosome

Don't tell me that you have not figured out why the HD2 has an Android Market icon, instead of the Windows Market...

  • Gem86

IPS LCD looks sharper and more balanced because it has better subpixel quality and division. SAMOLED is a lot less balanced and may have the better specs on paper, but just because a screen can be brighter and show more saturated colors doesn't mean ...